Crazy Gordon – Bottled Again!!!!


Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect, Gordon “Bottler” Brown has again demonstrated his capacity for indecision and cowardice. This time its taken him 13 months to make the U Turn. In his last Budget as Chancellor he decided to increase taxes for the poorest in society to reduce taxes slightly for the richer tax payers. In most cases, this meant that over 5 million of the poorest people would see their taxes double when the new changes came into force for the 2008/9 Fiscal Year. Faced with a revolt by many of his own MPs just before Local Elections, Bottler lived up to his reputation and performed a grinding U Turn at the last moment although it is possible that this was an illusion and the promised compensation for the poorest tax payers will not appear after the elections.

This has been a torrid week for Bottler.

The strike at Grangemouth oil refinery in his native Scotland will be costing the British economy over GB£52 million a day at a time when the economy is in tatters. It will also cut off 30% of Britain’s petrol and diesel supplies and cut gas which comes ashore from the Forties Field and is also dependent on power fom Grangemouth. Blair Brown Regime Ministers are preparing to introduce fuel rationing.

Teachers throughout England and Wales have been on strike and more strikes are expected.

The Blair Brown Regime is expecting heavy losses in next week’s Local Elections and this may include loss of the London Mayor.

Just to complete a perfect week of disasters, Lord “Cashpoint” Levy’s biography is being serialized in a British Sunday newspaper. The biography contains many stories that are highly damaging to Bottler, although it should be remembered that Cashpoint is also trying to sanitize his part in the Cash For Peerages scandal that did much to force Phony Blair out of office, leaving the way open for the appointment of Bottler as Prime Minister. One hardly surprising claim by Cashpoint is that Bottler knew all about the illegal fund raising and has continued to use and expand the process since replacing Blair. That is not surprising because Brown was always heavily involved in the regime’s finances and because he is always absent or claims absence when things go wrong. The classic example is Bottler’s claim that although 15 years of good economic times were entirely to his credit (that includes the last 5 years of the Conservation Government of John Major) but he also claims that he was nothing to do with the Blair years of power.


Frontier files for bankruptcy


Denver-based Frontier Airlines and its subsidiaries said on Friday (11 April) it had filed for reorganisation under Chapter 11 bankruptcy – but will continue to operate a full schedule of flights.

That includes honouring ticket reservations, providing refunds and exchanges, and maintaining its EarlyReturns frequent flyer programme.

An unexpected attempt by its principal credit card processor to increase a ‘holdback’ of customer receipts was the driving reason the carrier gave for falling on its sword, severely impacting the company’s liquidity.

The news follows on the heels of a number of other airlines ceasing business, but Frontier’s downfall has apparently not been brought about by the usual cocktail of economic uncertainty and sky-high fuel prices.

“To be clear, we filed for very different reasons than those of other recent carriers, and our customers and employees can be confident that we intend to keep on flying and providing outstanding service and products,” said Frontier president and CEO Sean Menke.

“Frontier has continued to perform relatively well in this difficult environment, and contrary to the trend, we have not seen a decrease in consumer demand, as demonstrated by our record traffic and revenue in March. Unfortunately, our principal credit card processor, very recently and unexpectedly informed us that, beginning on 11 April, it intended to start withholding significant proceeds received from the sale of Frontier tickets.”

Cash forecasts and the business plan would have been rendered impotent, making continuation of normal operations impossible said Menke. But the airline is certainly not giving up with this move, merely trying to buy time.

“By filing for Chapter 11, we will now have the time and legal protection necessary to obtain additional financing and enhance our liquidity,” he added. Fortunately, we believe that we currently have adequate cash on hand to meet our operating needs while we take steps to further strengthen our company.”

Frontier is in its 14th year of operations and is the second-largest jet carrier at Denver International Airport, with 62 aircraft. In conjunction with subsidiaries Republic Airlines and Lynx Aviation it offers a route network of 70 destinations from its hub, the majority across North America but also to Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica.

US carriers to have gone bust – halting services – in the last few weeks include Columbus-based Skybus, Indianapolis-based ATA Airlines and Hawaiian airline Aloha.

Rail strike threat

Britishrail tracks

Rail union RMT will ballot around 5,000 signallers and other key operational staff at Network Rail after rejecting a ‘cynical’ two-year pay deal.


Members had already rejected an original offer of 4.8% in year one and RPI plus 0.5% in year two, but following emergency talks today (17 April) RMT mocked Network Rail’s increase of an additional 0.1% for the first part, taking it to 4.9%.


“The cynical offer of an extra tenth of one per cent in year one on condition that we do not ballot our members simply fails to address our members’ concerns over the second year of the offer,” said RMT general secretary Bob Crow.


“We warned Network Rail that should it fail to table an acceptable offer on the second year of the deal we would ballot for industrial action. With housing costs, utility bills, pensions and food bills rising far faster than the official inflation rate the failure to improve the second-year means our members are looking at a real-terms pay cut.”


Network Rail director of human resources Peter Bennett said the union’s demands are “Unreasonable. A very fair offer is on the table – one that people in any walk of life would recognise as a good deal.

“There will be no public sympathy when such a reasonable deal is on the table especially as we have already tried to break the negotiating deadlock by improving the offer.”

Although he said there was “nowhere left to go” as the company has tabled its best offer, the door remains open to further talks.

And because the improved deal was rejected, Bennett said the offer reverts to the original 4.8% pay award, adding: “We would ask all our employees to carefully consider the offer that compares very favourably with wage settlements across the country. We’d ask that they use their vote to turn away from damaging industrial action.”

News Media Error


The news media widely reported a story of Blair Brown Regime Deputy Leader ‘arriet ‘arperson, AKA Harriet Harman, visiting her constituency. These reports stated that the Deputy Leader was afraid to walk about her own constituency without a stab proof vest. This was not accurate. The Deputy Leader had come straight from a Cabinet Meeting and had not had time to change her clothing, stab vests having now become essential kit for Cabinet Ministers in meetings.

The Deputy Leader is entirely happy with the protection of four armoured and machinegun equipped policemen when she visits her constituents who are unlikely to get close enough to her to make a stab proof vest necessary.

BSD Newsdesk



The Broads Society has been extremely concerned to learn that three of the four options for dealing with coastal erosion being considered by Natural England would, if adopted, lead to 16,000 acres of land around the River Thurne becoming an embayment of the North Sea. It also has considerable reservations about the remaining option under discussion.

Instead, the Society is outlining a “fifth option”, calling for:

– the Government to provide the Environment Agency with the funding it needs to fulfil its commitment to continue feeding the beach in front of the sea wall between Eccles and Winterton, with sand and shingle

– the Environment Agency to commission a wide-ranging study into ways in which the sea wall there can be strengthened, or otherwise protected, thus ensuring that it remains in a sustainable condition for much longer than is deemed possible at the moment.

An Appeal To Reason, A Cool Look At Global Warming


This is an important book, not least because it presents a view for reason which has been censored in many countries. The author begins by saying that his three previous books, in different genre, were published eagerly by British publishers, but that this latest book was flatly rejected by every British publisher even with the promotion of an outstanding literary agent. His experience has been shared by others who have found difficulty in being published on political and economic subjects in Britain, where their unfashionable views and conclusions have later proved to be well-founded. It is therefore fortunate that the author continued his search for a publisher with determination. Peter Mayer, the proprietor of The Overlook Press in New York, is to be thanked for having the courage to stand against a new and intolerant fundamentalist faith by publishing “An Appeal To Reason” through the old-established London publishing house, which he also owns. The Church of Global Warming will undoubtedly rage against a very well-reasoned book and may claim that the father of a television cook is hardly qualified to write on the subject, and that his heretical views should be ignored by all sane people. Of course the author is very well qualified to write on the subject and to hold a view. As an intelligent human he is able to read work from others on the subject, conduct his own research and to form an opinion. He is entitled to ask questions when the Church of Global Warming makes generalized and unsubstantiated claims in the hope that no one will notice their inaccuracies. Nigel Lawson also has other qualifications. He was a journalist before he entered Parliament as a British MP in 1974, and he served with distinction in the Thatcher Government that did so much to turn around a moribund British economy and fight off the forces of intolerant national socialism at home and abroad. That service included a period from 1983 as Chancellor of the Exchequer, turning the British economy from a sad basket case into an expanding and well-structured financial force on the world stage, a skill set sorely lacking in the present Government under “Bottler” Brown. Nigel Lawson was created a Lord in 1992 and has served in the House of Lords with distinction as a member of the Lord’s Select Committee on Economic Affairs, which in 2005 produced a significant report on “The Economics of Climate Change”. All of that experience stands behind his latest book.

Securing The Oceans


Occasionally, a very important book is published. This is such a book. Sometimes a truly important book is not widely recognized as being of great significance, which, hopefully, will not be the fate of this excellent work. It is a hard volume to review because it is a compendium of essays written by 25 authors, each of whom can claim to be a leading specialist in his or her field, collectively providing a comprehensive perspective of a vital subject that impacts on the lives of every person in the world. Any compendium relies heavily for its success on the editor and this book has a team of three editors. The book was made possible by a grant from the Nippon Foundation, making it an affordable work, even for individuals who are not professionals working in the fields covered. The collective subject is ocean governance, extending to inland waterways, such as the Great Lakes of North America, and the Seas of the Baltic and the Mediterranean. As most of the Earth surface is covered by water, it is difficult to think of a more important subject to humanity. Now that man has travelled to all of the land areas, colonized virtually all of them and widely exploited the land, attention is increasingly directed to the oceans as a source of food and other resources, where once the oceans provided only fishing and transportation routes. One has only to look to the territorial ambitions of some countries in the Arctic and the Antarctic, which are still largely unspoilt wildernesses. We are not greatly aided by the growing cult of Global Warming, which has sought to depict important subjects by increasingly crude and blatant propaganda that will only serve to create an equally negative backlash. In this book an international group of specialists sets out their individual perspectives on their own areas of specialization. It is refreshing to read 25 chapters of authoritative material that is not impenetrable text from academics writing for academics. The work is difficult to review because no reviewer will have the breadth of knowledge to comment on all of the perspectives with equal authority. Each chapter stands on its own and includes a list of references, but it also stands with its fellows as a composite work. This reviewer finds perspectives that he agrees with and others that he is less comfortable with. Having spent a great deal of time during 2007 studying daily radar scans of ice along the Russian Northern Sea Route, some of the predictive comment for future ice mapping does not sit well with the pattern of the last five years to 2007, although it does match more closely with ice along the US/Canadian North West Passage. However, this is inevitable when computer predictions can appear wrong, viewed in a very short term, but prove more accurate over a longer period. Equally, a computer model can produce wildly inaccurate information because some of the very long-term climate cycles have not been correctly included. One of the lessons of science in any field is that conclusions, reached on information available today, can look bizarre, when viewed at a future date against new information, the irony being that the later view probably would never have been possible without the earlier work. It is only by setting down together, as this book has done, a cross section of perspectives, across a complementary range of experience and disciplines, that we can ever hope to move forward.

An Appeal To Reason


Chancellor Nigel Lawson on Budget Day 1984

An Appeal To Reason – A Cool Look At Global Warming
by Nigel Lawson

Published by Duckworth on April 10, 2008

ISBN 97807156 37869

A hard-hitting response to the Church of Global Warming by Lord Lawson, Margaret Thatcher’s Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1983 and member of the Lord’s Select Committee on Economic Affairs

Suspension of Civil Rights


Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect, “Bottler” Brown invited the Chinese to send a gang of thugs to London to deal with protestors as the Olympic torch was taken through London.


It is unclear whether the thugs were specially licensed by “Bottler” to beat up protestors but if they were not that did not stop them.

So much for freedom of speech in Britain!!!

Lord Coe, former British Olympic athlete and a leading figure in the successful bid to win the 2012 Olympics for London, was one of those who was manhandled, giving some indication to British competitors going to Bejing of what they can expect. Lord Coe described the Chinese as thugs and deplored their presence, which seemed intended to inflame the situation.

Awarding the 2008 Olympics to Bejing was always questionable, given the Chinese performance on human rights and their occupation of Tibet. As news of the terror being visited on the Tibetans, and the ethnic cleansing that appears to be taking place there, it is difficult to understand how anyone can justify an international sporting event in China this year.

Some British athletes have attempted to justify their participation on the grounds that they will somehow persuade the Chinese Government to reform its totalitarian ways. They might be sombered to discover that their justifications are almost identical to those advanced by British athletes attending the Berlin Olympics in Nazi Germany. Whatever the athletes may have thought it, is unlikely that the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust would have shared their views.


Bm? ready to f?ght any T1 delay

BMIA320 air to air

Bmi says that it will strongly resist any bid to delay Star Alliance’s long-anticipated move into London Heathrow’s Terminal 1.

The on-going catastrophic operational problems with British Airways’ (BA) disastrous first few days in its new home of Terminal 5 have engendered widespread speculation that BA may be forced to delay shifting many long-haul services from T3 and T4.