Russian Invasion of Georgia


Russian armour collects at the start line ready to roll into Georgia after Russian warplanes blitzed cities in the country leaving some 2,000 dead.

Russia has become increasingly angry about the expansion of NATO and the planned deployment of anti-missile sites close to Russian territory. The destabilization of countries like Georgia was therefore a natural consequence.

I Georgia’s case there is the added attraction of cutting a vital oil and gaz supply route to Europe that will enable Russian to blackmail the European Union and pressure other former Russian colonies who may consider joining NATO.

The plan depends on a weakened Bush Administration being forced to watch helplessly from the side lines and to be humiliated by Russia.

Ex-KGB General Putin sees this as a win-win situation and knows that if his tanks can take all Georgian towns in the next 48 hours his aggression will face no serious challenge.

He is following the precident set by other national socialist leaders in assuming (correctly) that the West closes down for the weekend on a Friday and is helpless on a Monday.


AsianYachting Race Reports – DIRECT FROM QINGDAO – 2008 Beijing Olympic Games – XXIX OLYMPIAD


2.8 China removes algae from Olympic sailing venue
China has called in thousands of people to clean up an algal bloom at the sailing venue for this summer’s Olympic Games. The blue-green algae blossomed around June 1 in the waters around Qingdao on the coast of Shandong province, and some 400 boats and 3,000 people have been mobilized to clean it up. Chinese news photos showed the bright-green bloom along the shores of downtown Qingdao. (See Photo Gallery) Other images showed workers loading the algae onto boats as windsurfers sailed in the background. The photos also showed people wading in the water and scooping up armfuls of the plant-like organism and putting it into white sacks. Blue-green algae blooms when nutrients, sometimes caused by excessive pollution, build up in water. The country’s three-decade economic boom has left its waterways and coastlines severely polluted by industrial and farm chemicals and domestic sewage. About a quarter of the entire population lacks access to safe drinking water and, despite repeated government pledges of a cleanup, the situation is worsening. Some algae can produce dangerous toxins and if ingested can cause vomiting, respiratory failure and, on rare occasions, death.

Three Killing Days To Go


With three killing days left to go to the Beijing Olympics, Chinese insurgents caught the authorities by surprise and set things off with a bang, using grenades against police. The authorities had concentrated security efforts in occupied Tibet to crush any sign of demonstration, but it is in parts of China that real trouble has emerged, dissidents being emboldened by the unusual spotlight of the international media and attempts by the authorities to conceal the extent of normal suppression of the Chinese people.


Civil War?


Civil War seems to have broken out inside the Blair Brown Regime. Foreign Secretary Milliband chose the absence of “Bottler” Brown (on holiday in Suffolk and dodging demonstrators) to launch what can only be described as his manifesto for a campaign to replace “Bottler”. Milliband was supported by the Blairist camp and bitterly attacked by the Brownites. “Bottler” claims not to be worried by any of this but a story circulates that he has already bitten his finger nails back to his shoulders.

The most unpopular Prime Minister on record, each week sees new disasters and commentators confidently predicting that things can’t get any worse, only to be proved wrong the next week. At each new by-election, “Bottler” is unelected by the voters. If he called a General Election now, some forecasters believe that his party would move to third place behind a reduced LibDem party, giving the Conservatives a massive majority on a scale never seen before at Westminster. The situation is now no better in Scotland which “Bottler” always assumed was his citadel. The Glasgow East by-election saw his candidate so badly beaten that forecasters are also predicting that the party will be overtaken by the LibDems, with the SNP taking a huge majority in the Scottish Parliament. This may look like good news for the LibDems, but the current predictions show them losing votes and overtaking the Blair Brown Regime only because their share of the vote is in meltdown.