God Help Palestine


Gordon “Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister Unelected

Heaven help the Israelis and Palestinians. Having saved the world, “Bottler” is now claiming to be the saviour of Palestine.

His proven track record is one of indecision, followed by a monumental miscalculation. After decades of bloodshed, this is the last thing that is required.

On the Planet Zarg, where “Bottler” and his cronies live, it may seem a simple matter to launch a few spun stories and declare total victory.

In the real world, the Palestinian question stretches back into the mists of time, long before the Roman Empire. During the last century it has gone through new twists and, although Jews and Arabs have come tantalizingly close to reaching a peaceful agreement on several occasions, it never happens.

Today, the real power is held by the United States and Iran. Iran is showing no signs of ceasing to interfere by promoting violence. The US may want peace, but the new President will have to take account of the Jewish vote at home and the serious international threat represented by Iran. Israel and the Palestinians sit uncomfortably in the middle and its their blood that will be spilt.

Lets just hope that “Bottler” doesn’t make everything worse, as he desperately tries to hang on to power in Britain and divert attention from his serious policy failures at home.

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Chemring Marine leads call for stricter policing of Euro marine safety standards


One of the world’s leading marine distress signal manufacturers is leading the call for stricter policing of European marine equipment safety standards.

Robert Hill, Managing Director of Chemring Marine, which manufactures the leading Pains Wessex and Comet brands, has told EU marine safety officials that product quality is not monitored closely enough and could result in substandard goods slipping through.

He says, “Industry opinion is that non-EU manufacturers are often shipping substandard product, which should be prevented from sale, but, in practice, product quality is often not monitored and the products in question are often copies of accredited EU manufacturers.







Broads Authority Bill moves into Lords Committee

broads logo

Monday ( January 19th) sees the Broads Authority Bill take a further step at Westminster when it is considered by a House of Lords Committee.

The Private Bill contains an important set of provisions to improve safety on the Broads including giving powers to introduce compulsory third party insurance and the licensing of hired craft.

The Bill was initially deposited in Parliament in November 2006 and had its first Reading in the House of Commons in January 2007. It passed the other stages in the Commons by May 2008 and had its second Reading in the House of Lords on 8th October 2008.




B-2 Stealth Bike Celebrates Company’s Bomber Partnership With U.S. Air Force


In July 2009, Northrop Grumman (NYSE:NOC) and the U.S. Air Force will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first flight of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, which occurred on July 17, 1989.

As a visual centerpiece of its year-long celebration of this milestone, Northrop Grumman, the Air Force’s B-2 prime contractor, commissioned Orange County Choppers, Newburgh, N.Y. to design and build a B-2 bomber-themed motorcycle.

The design, development and production of the B-2 Stealth Bike will be featured on the 2009 season premiere of the cable TV series “American Chopper,” which airs on TLC at 9 p.m. ET on Thursday nights.



Satellite helps make transportation of dangerous waste safer

Truck monitoring system L

The system from the Italian company Allix to monitor trucks movements on road consists of a main device located on the truck which includes a GNSS receiver that operates on GPS with EGNOS overlay signals. Secondary devices are located on each container. They operate as autonomous devices to monitor the status of the containers, their temperature movement, etc.

Credits: Allix S.r.l.

A new tracking system is making use of satellite navigation data to ensure safe roads in Europe. Developed by an Italian company in the Italian Lombardy region, the system monitors daily the displacement of 200 containers carrying industrial waste on 100 trucks.

The transportation of dangerous industrial waste from its originating source to the site where it will be treated is increasing every year. Trucks carrying the waste-filled containers typically travel through several European countries for two to three days. For security reasons, and to ensure that all the waste arrives where it is intended to, a small Italian company has developed an innovative tracking system which uses location data from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to accurately track all movements of the industrial waste throughout its journey.






Lockheed Martin Begins Key Test Of First SBIRS GEO Satellite With New Flight Software


SUNNYVALE, Calif., January 13, 2009 — Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] announced today that the first Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) geosynchronous orbit (GEO-1) satellite has entered a major test phase with the latest version of flight software designed to provide highly reliable spacecraft command and control operations. The U.S. Air Force SBIRS program is designed to provide early warning of missile launches, and simultaneously support other missions including missile defense, technical intelligence and battlespace awareness.






Saving the World – AGAIN!!

spreader in action

New equipment is tested – shown here spraying Blair Brown Regime policy statements

The Great Leader, “Bottler” Brown, AKA Super Gord, has come up with yet another cunning plan to save the world.

The British Government will be purchasing a fleet of slurry spreaders, modified to dispense bank notes. These spreaders will be driven around Britain spraying money about in the hope that people will pick it up and spend it frivolously to start another boom bubble ahead of the next British General Election.

When asked where the money was coming from, a Blair Brown Regime Minister claimed that this was no problem because they would also be buying new printing presses to print as much money as the spreaders could handle.

Unusually for “Bottler” Brown, there is a Plan B as well. A second fleet of slurry spreaders will be procured and used to spray around policy announcements and aspirations statements in the hope that voters will mistake this for a genuine programme to deal with the New Great Depression.

A Blair Brown Regime Spokescreature said, ” This gear is great. Its been designed to spread crap so its perfect for what we need”.

The Great Leader was not available for comment. It seems that he is too busy digging a deeper hole for Britain.

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IMO’s “no red tape” Committee comes of age

rollover center

The International Maritime Organization’s Facilitation Committee, the focus for IMO’s work in eliminating unnecessary formalities and “red tape” in international shipping, has opened its first session as a formally institutionalized Committee of the Organization.


The Committee now has full standing, reflecting the importance of its work and the issues it addresses, following the entry into force, on 7 December 2008, of the 1991 amendments to the IMO Convention to institutionalize the Committee, which puts it on a par with the Maritime Safety, Marine Environment Protection, Legal and Technical Co-operation Committees. Participation in all Committees is open to all Member States of IMO.


The Facilitation Committee’s role is to facilitate maritime traffic by simplifying and reducing to a minimum the formalities, documentary requirements and procedures on the arrival, stay and departure of ships engaged in international voyages. Traditionally, large numbers of documents are required by customs, immigration, health and other public authorities pertaining to a ship, its crew and passengers, baggage, cargo and mail. Unnecessary paperwork is a problem in most industries, but the potential for red tape is probably greater in shipping than in other industries, because of its international nature and the traditional acceptance of formalities and procedures.






Racist Thought Police 0 – Prince Harry 51


Harry secretly served in Afghanistan from December 2007 to February 2008. He would have served a full tour had a foreign publication not leaked information that placed him and his comrades in increased danger.

Prince Harry has provided a politically incorrect role model.

He joined the British Army because it was the life he wanted. When politicians tried to prevent him doing his job, he fought hard and won the right of every other young British Army officer to go to war, leading his soldiers. He demonstrated personal courage, determination to succeed in his chosen profession, and patriotism – all qualities sneered on by the national socialist Racist Thought Police. He has also developed his own charity to help those in need in Africa and been prepared not just to be a figure head, but to go out and join the workers and volunteers in the field, delivering assistance to those who need it – selfless actions sneered on by the national socialist Racist Thought Police.

It must have been Christmas for the Racist Thought Police when they saw a sleazy Sunday newspaper publishing information from three years ago in a video shot by Prince Harry that included ‘racist’ comments.

The easy part is considering the video.

At the time it was shot, Prince Harry was a young man in training at Sandhurst, shooting a film of his comrades for their entertainment, using the language that the group used. When viewed out of context by racists of the Thought Police, some words could be made to look damaging. The reality of young people in training is that they do not always exercise the judgment of people outside their environment and it would be wrong if they did. One factor that is common in their environment is to use nicknames and to engage in boisterous banter. As they undergo training they learn and that is the real and legitimate object of training. When soldiers go into battle, they behave in a different way to civilians of their age. In particular, they know that they depend on each other and they live a life very different from civilians. Soldiers returning from military service often experience difficulties in adjusting to the less honourable society of civilian life where merit is often not rewarded and comradeship is heavily suspected.


Racists and national socialists always seek to control the minds of others. Book burning has not yet come to Britain but many of the other tools of national socialism have already arrived.

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The hard part is considering what the Racist Thought Police mean for democracy.

That the British Army should respond so enthusiastically and politically correctly to complaints from racists about young soldiers within a training programme is deeply worrying. A military force has to know that it can depend on the loyalty of the most junior soldier. Equally, every soldier has to know that this loyalty is reflected back from the top. The politically correct statements from the Ministry of Defence suggest that soldiers not only have to accept that they are routinely let down by venial politicians, but that their senior officers are too weak to stand up for them.

This incident not only demonstrates weakness in the British Army, but it provides yet another example of institutional racism that has developed during eleven years of national socialist mis-rule.

An alien presence in any country has only two implications. If the alien presence is set on subverting the culture and society of the country, it is a hostile invasion force. If the alien presence is made up of individuals who have come as migrants for personal self-interest, fleeing persecution, or seeking a more prosperous life, they are contributors to a society that they join.

When any migrant arrives in any country, he or she has to expect to observe the laws of the land and fit into the society of that country. Any migrant who is unprepared to adapt and act as a well mannered guest should look for a different country that better suites their personal views.

Britain has a very long history of taking in migrants and integrating them into the society. In the process the migrants adapt but they also enrich the native society. It has not always been a completely painless process. When very high levels of immigration have occurred during a brief period, there have been tensions, caused by the unexpected pressure on the host society. However, the British people have generally been welcoming and considerate hosts, and most migrants have been considerate guests who have developed from a guest status by integrating into British society.

Unfortunately, national socialists have created an environment that arrogantly imposes apartheid. During the period of the Blair Brown Regime, the process of developing ghettos and separate development has been actively encouraged. Laws have been passed to give one race an advantage over other races. An essential element of that policy has been the development of a Racist Thought Police who seek to label anyone who does not follow their distorted view of life as ‘racist’. This sinister and undemocratic political philosophy has damaged both the migrants and the indigenous population. Hopefully it will be addressed before it creates civil unrest and violence.

To help the process we need more people like Prince Harry and none of the racists who are seeking to attack him.

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Following a review of its future recruitment needs BAE Systems has appointed Alexander Mann Solutions to provide specialist permanent recruitment services for its UK business.

Current provider, Xchanging, will now focus on other HR services including the recruitment of around 600 graduates and apprentices in 2009.

Over the last nine months a cross-business working group with the help of external consultants carried out a detailed study to assess BAE Systems future recruitment needs.