MCA Spinning for Britain?


RNLI Lifeguards operate from mobile patrols and beach stations, backed by RNLI inshore and all weather lifeboats, RN and RAF SAR helicopters, and Coastguard vessels and helicopters

Claims by the MCA for lives saved by one of their rescue boats has caused great concern because the real figure is less than ten percent of the claimed figure. It raises the question of why a British Government Agency should be making such inflated claims. It would be easy to believe that this is just one of a series of attempts by Blair Brown Regime functionaries to launch claims to show that the Great Leader is infallable and the Great Depression he has had such a hand in creating doesnt really exist.

Britain’s splendid voluntary life saving service the Royal National Lifeboat Institution is justifiably outraged by a blantant piece of Government propaganda that is also an implied slur on their fine service, volunteers and supporters.

The RNLI comments:


Date: 13/02/2009

Author: Claire-marie Harris

Reference: HQ 009
RNLI lifeguard

The RNLI has followed reporting on the future of the Hope Cove Coastguard general-purpose boat with growing unease at the extraordinary claims being made about the number of lives the boat is claimed to have saved since 2000. Indeed, if these claims are to be believed then the RNLI is failing in its fundamental duty to provide lifeboat cover for the whole of the British Isles and therefore the figures must be challenged.


Despite the publication of official rescue figures by the MCA annually and more recently clear statistics confirming that only 21 persons have been rescued by the Hope Cove boat since 2000, the figure most often reported is still an incredible 213 lives saved.


RNLI Operations Director, Michael Vlasto says: ‘To put this figure of 213 lives saved in context, it is worth comparing it with the total lives saved by the ten RNLI lifeboats deployed at our six lifeboat stations between Plymouth and Exmouth in the same period – which only comes to a total of 161. So a part-time general-purpose boat has apparently saved 62 lives more than the combined RNLI lifeboat assets in South Devon that are on call 24 hours a day, all year round? Not only is this notion absurd it is insulting to our lifeboat crews.


‘While we appreciate the emotion and the complex issues involved in this dispute, the RNLI is focussed on one task – that of saving lives at sea and to this end we firmly believe that the Hope Cove issue is one of beach safety in the summer season. We are more than willing to engage with the local authorities and landowners to implement an RNLI lifeguard solution to be in place at Hope Cove this summer. This will provide an appropriate, assured level of safety and an excellent public amenity for a popular tourist destination.’


In this way RNLI lifeguards, in conjunction with RNLI lifeboats from Salcombe and other trained Search and Rescue assets including Coastguard Rescue Teams and HM Coastguard and Royal Navy helicopters, would provide Hope Cove with a level of safety comparable with any other beach in South Devon.

Detroit CEOs Learn a Lesson about Efficiency Courtesy of Beechcraft


Company highlights sensible alternative for today’s business travel

WICHITA, Kan. (Feb. 11, 2009) – If the three Detroit CEOs had arrived in Washington in the Beechcraft King Air 350, they might have received a warmer reception from their legislative hosts. Hawker Beechcraft Corporation’s (HBC) latest advertising campaign addresses the recent political and media frenzy surrounding business aviation with a sensible alternative that will win over even the staunchest critic – the King Air 350 – the world’s greenest and highly efficient aircraft.

SLSA bushfire appeal


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Image courtesy Sydney Morning Herald.

Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) has thrown its support behind volunteers and victims of the Victorian bushfires by urging its members to donate to a special fund.

With countless Victorian communities devastated, and the rest of the country still in shock over the worst natural disaster in Australia’s history, SLSA has asked its members to donate to the Surf Life Saving Australia Member Appeal for the Victorian Bushfire Community.

SLSA President Ron Rankin AM said all surf lifesavers appreciated the beauty and danger of nature, but few would have encountered the natural ferocity unleashed on Victoria over the weekend.

Broads Bill Sails On

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The Broads Authority Bill today received the go ahead from a House of Lords Committee and is now in the final stages in its passage through Parliament.

It is hoped that it will receive Royal Assent by early summer so that some of the key provisions, such as the licensing of hire boats and the requirement to have third party insurance, can be introduced in April 2010.

Price of Failure – Reward of Failure


“Bottler” Brown is once again making worthless promises.

His infamous “British Jobs for British Workers” promise was something that he could never deliver while Britain is part of the European Union. It was as empty as his boast to have ‘saved the world’ and as dishonest as his claim to be the leader of the world, supported blindly by every other national leader.

He is now promising to “get tough” with bankers who pay staff bonuses. Another worthless promise.

The British people are rightly outraged that their tax money has been thrown at any passing banker without the British Government carrying out due diligence to ensure that the money is well spent on behalf of the taxpayer and that adequate safeguards are applied.

What happened was that “Bottler” dithered as usual and then rushed to action to be seen to be doing ‘something’.

Without question, the banks were in danger of folding in Britain as a result of years of inadequate regulation because “Bottler” Brown had removed the original control systems managed by the Bank of England. Some action had to be taken and he was only eight years late. Unfortunately, he was in panic as usual and decided to throw money at the problem without first trying to understand what the problem was.

Its hard to blame banks for grabbing everything that was thrown their way and hard to blame them for not asking if there were any conditions attached to this lavish donation of funds. It was to be expected that they would use a large part of the money to pay lavish bonuses to staff as further rewards for failure. It was also to be expected that the rest of the money would be used to pad their accounts. Any organization that has failed as spectacularly as the British banking sector can hardly be expect to suddenly become a moral and equitable community. The normal process is for politicians to provide emergency aid under strict conditions, having first conducted due diligence.

Originally there was a stark choice at the eleventh hour. British banks would either have to be allowed to go bust, or emergency aid would have to be provided. The one option that was totally ignored was to place the banks in a form of administration, where the full extent of the problems could be identified, the total funding calculated, and a series of safeguards identified to ensure that taxpayers’ money would go directly to relieving the real problems rather than being used to just bail out bankers who had made a series of very bad decisions. It would have been possible to re-engage workers on new terms until such time as the problems were dealt with and banks could be allowed to run their own affairs again.

Unfortunately “Bottler” took the path of rewarding failure and punishing the British taxpayer. The money has disappeared down a large drain and small business and homeowners are paying for the bad management of the banks and the lack of ability by the Government.


Message from the Ambulance Service


We all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its memory. If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldn’t know who to call. Yes, there are hundreds of numbers stored but which one is the contact person in case of an emergency? Hence this ‘ICE’ (In Case of Emergency) Campaign.

AUSMEPA Awarded $26,000 Coastcare Grant


AUSMEPA’s Executive Director, Michael Julian, announced today that AUSMEPA’s application for a Caring for our Country Community Coastcare grant had been jointly approved by The Hon. Peter Garrett AM MP, Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts and The Hon Tony Burke MP, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.