Return of the Rotten Boroughs


Tessa Jowell, comptroller of the gravy train for the 2012 Olympics

In 19th Century Britain Parliament had to reform itself to stamp out the “Rotten Boroughs” that were passed on down through families and cronies. Then it was common practice for politicians to bride the voters to secure the “right” electoral vote. The reforms introduced a level of genuine democracy that served subsequent generations well, creating the model that other countries followed.

The Blair Brown Regime idea of “modernizing” British politics for the 21st Century has been to reintroduce all of the corrupt practices of the early 19th Century and add in some new corrupt activities.

In the latest example, Tessa Jowell (her husband was convicted in Italy of corrupt practice there) has been caught sending emails that promise voters in one constituency a seat on the 2012 Olympic gravy train if they vote for a crony.

Perhaps Britain needs to modernize its politics by returning to practices of the 17th Century when politicians’ heads were displayed on pykes from Westminster Bridge to encourage the others.

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Obituary- “Dobbin” Darling


The daily routine no more. “Dobbin” will be remembered for the way in which he sailed on through disasters, confident that things could only get better one day

It was announced today by Downing Street that British Chancellor Alistair “Dobbin” Darling had died in hospital from injuries received during his Budget Presentation to the House of Commons.

During his presentation, “Dobbin” put on his rose tinted glasses and read out his latest wild guess at what lies ahead for the British economy. He saw recovery starting before Christmas 2009, growth in the economy during 2010 and phenominal growth during 2011 as the British economy powers ahead of the rest of the world.

In a serious breach of Commns security, a window had been left open and at that point in his presentation “Dobbin” was struck by a squadron of flying pigs, suffering dreadful injuries. As he was carried out on a stretcher, he was heard to mutter “the next boom is here – we are all going to be rich”. Sadly he wont be here to benefit from the latest round of pay and expenses increases that “Bottler” Brown hopes to hose MPs with.

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The Inland Waterways Association (IWA) said today that it was pleased that the Operational Efficiency Programme report, issued to coincide with the Budget today, included no plans for a ‘selloff ‘of British Waterways’ non-operational canal side property. IWA added a note of caution however, at the recommendation made in the report that there should be a ‘wholly owned subsidiary of British Waterways’, formed to manage the portfolio; fearing that this could make it easier to ‘hive off’ the portfolio at a later stage.


The pre-budget report in November included a review of British Waterways’ property which many interpreted as a thinly veiled trailer to a ‘fire sale’ to service massive debt elsewhere. IWA has lobbied hard against this proposal, talking to Members of Parliament, corresponding with Ministers and with open letters published by the press.

The Real Criminal


Jaqui “Lodger” Smith, AKA, “Jackboots” Jaqui, AKA Mrs Timney, AKA The Accused

It probably seemed like a great wheeze to “Lodger” to bring in one of her favourite political policemen, tell him a load of lies and point him at a Shadow Minister. Maybe it doesn’t look like such a great idea today, with the policeman forced to resign for serial incompetence and “Lodger” and her political bureaucrats exposed for deception in the matter of the “arrest” of Shadow Minister Damian Green.

The situation that triggered events was the rising number of leaks from Civil Service whistle blowers, particularly inside the Home Office. As the inevitable General Election looms closer, honourable Civil Servants are becoming more courageous in exposing Government disasters and attempts to cover up the failures , and less honourable Civil Servants are starting to worry about their careers after the Blair Brown Regime.

“Lodger” and “Bottler” Brown wanted to find a way of terrorizing Civil Servants and destabilizing the Conservative Opposition under David Cameron. The attractive idea was to find an Opposition politician to have very publicly arrested and charged under the anti-terror legislation, offering leniency for giving up the identity of a whistle blower – simple, job done!!

Given the long record of incompetence by the Blair Brown Regime even they should have realized that this was beyond their capabilities.

First mistake, they gave the job to the inappropriately named head of Met police anti-terror, Quick. This is a policeman who has unerringly demonstrated an incredible capacity for incompetence and seriously flawed judgment. In the event it turned out even worse than it might have been when another of Quick’s many errors led to his resignation in disgrace.

Second mistake, they targeted one of the most liberal and honest MPs, Damian Green, who held a Shadow brief on immigration which is one of many areas where “Lodger” has proved to be one of the most useless Home Secretaries ever to have held the post.

Quick and his Keystone Cops started by having to ask David Cameron where they could find Damian Green because they really didn’t have a clue. Then they arrested him in a public place and threatened him with life imprisonment for doing his job as an MP, raided his office, and ransacked his home in front of his daughter.

We now know from an inquiry, what was pretty obvious from the start, that Damian Green was guilty of no offence but was guilty of being an honourable and effective MP and Shadow Minister, exposing the failings of Government and attempts by the Regime to conceal those failings, so placing the country and its citizens at severe risk.

This leaves the interesting question of what offences have been committed by members of the Blair Brown Regime and its politically biased bureaucrats.

There appears to be an immediate offence of wasting police time by giving the police incorrect information that required them to spend time investigating an alleged offence. However, it appears that the police were directly lied to by officials acting under instructions from “Lodger” Smith and “Bottler” Brown which could be a criminal offence of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. It would seem that there are also opportunities for civil action against the national socialists for slandering an honest MP and the possibility of fraud charges because the false information given to police was intended to provide the Blair Brown Regime and its creatures with a benefit.

The actions exposed by the whistle blower and Damian Green offer further possibilities for actions against the Regime. The actions of the Home Office under “Lodger” Smith have potentially aided terrorists and that could open the prospect of criminal action under the anti-terror legislation. Then there would appear to be considerable evidence to support impeachment of Blair Brown Regime individuals for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Oh well “Lodger” Smith maybe you should pack a bag and await a custodial sentence – if you are not convicted of expenses fraud there seem to be plenty of other crimes you could be booked for.





Eight injured servicemen sailing at last weekend’s Red Funnel Easter Regatta (10-12 April) under the banner of Toe in the Water kicked off the 2009 racing season in style. One of the teams clinched a hotly-contested podium position in the overall rankings whilst all three of the charity’s crews gained top-three placings over the course of the weekend.


Toe in the Water Co-founder Holly King said: “For each boat to get a top three placing during the first two days of racing is a phenomenal achievement as many of our boys have never sailed before. It’s Toe in the Water’s best results to date and I’m exceptionally proud of them all.”

Boeing to Adjust 2010 Twin-Aisle Airplane Production Plan; First-Quarter 2009 Results to Reflect Impacts of Production Decisions and Lower Price Escalation


SEATTLE, April 09, 2009 — Boeing [NYSE: BA] today announced that it will adjust its twin-aisle airplane production plans for 2010 due to significant deterioration in the business environment for airlines and cargo operators driven by unprecedented global economic conditions.

Monthly production of the 777 will decline from seven to five airplanes per month beginning in June 2010. Boeing will also delay previous plans to modestly increase 747-8 and 767 production. No change is being made at this time to the 737 production rate.

In addition, the weak global economy has contributed to significant declines in the escalation indices that affect forecasted pricing for commercial airplanes already ordered.

Leading into Euro Elections


Nigel Farage (right) interviewed by Sky’s Adam Boulton

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage MEP will be appearing on Channel 4’s Political Slot this Thursday (9th April) at 7.55pm, speaking on the crisis facing Britain’s pubs. UKIP has launched a website and over a quarter of a million ‘Save The Pub’ beermats are going into pubs across the country.

A reminder of some of the main UKIP news stories from the last couple of weeks:

Multi-millionaire and key Tory donor Stuart Wheeler has just donated £100,000 to the UKIP campaign for the European election. Click here for more information.

Deva Kumarasiri, the postmaster who was sacked for asking customers to speak English, has joined UKIP. The candidates on the East Midlands list have agreed that he will join our candidates’ list for this year’s European elections. More information here. This was a front-page story in the Daily Star in some areas.

Over 100,000 people have seen Nigel Farage’s demolition of Gordon Brown last week in the European Parliament, which was also featured on Sky News.

Best Served Cold


Like revenge, any “Bottler” Brown announcements are best served cold, giving the souffle of lies a chance to collapse.

During the last week he has claimed to save the world (yet again) and to have saved Afghanistan.

His latest claim to have saved the world comes on the conclusion of the G20 bean feast in London at the appropriately neo-Stalinist Excel Centre in the heart of East London waste land.

The real stars of the G20 were the Obamas. Whether or not any real financial benefit comes out of the very costly talking shop remains to be seen.

“Bottler” claims that under his “leadership” the other less intelligent G20 leaders have agreed to a massive reflationary spend that will kick-start the stalling global economy. He claims that One Trillion Dollars of fund injection were agreed.

Had the claim been true, it would have needed to be put into perspective. The entire sum could discharge the total of personal debt in the UK which is one contributory factor to the financial crisis. Unfortunately that would not leave anything for any other country and a growing number are now coming perilously close to bankruptcy.

Even more unfortunately, the claim was a classic “Bottler” lie which took a significantly more modest aspiration, blended it with a number of old, pre-G20 meeting, spends and announcements, claiming it was all new money agreed in London.

We hear a lot today about “aspirations” so what does the term mean?

An “aspiration” is politicospeak for “I have absolutely no intention of doing XXXXX but I think the suggestion that I might consider doing XXXXX will win me a few extra votes at home and allow me to ride out the depression at the expense of taxpayers”.

So the G20 was classic “Bottler” spin – what about the claim of world ‘peace in our time’?

This claim was based on “Bottlers” belief that he also leads NATO and had an amazingly successful meeting where European NATO members, who have been sitting on their hands over sending troops to Afghanistan, have agreed to send thousands of troops out and not just to join the token French and German troops in partying in Kabul but to actually engage in battle. “Bottlers” Defence Minister somewhat let the spin doctors down by admitting that maybe a few hundred troops might be sent to help train Afghan police or count supplies, but he still had hopes that one day Europe would pull its weight (possibly when Hell freezes over).

So the retrospect is a week of vintage “Bottler” propaganda from his new home on the Planet Zarg in a parallel universe far far away.

Dan X

Oldbury unfolds its range of Scene and Incident Management Equipment


Oldbury UK, of Wolverhampton, England, has announced a new ‘modular-concept’ range of trailer-based systems for the defence, civil emergency and homeland security market. The fully mobile systems are designed to meet rapid response and deployment requirements including scene, incident and crowd management barriers, personnel decontamination, vehicle and equipment cleansing and other operational support roles. The company already supplies trailed platform solutions for a wide range of specialist applications.

Is Russian Government Conducting a Killing Spree? Wave of Killings and Beatings Reported; Russia News Service Offers Complete Coverage

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WASHINGTON, April 2 – /EIN News/ While Russia’s President Dmitri Medvedev was being feted with fellow world leaders in London, reports from Moscow described violence against opposition figures and investigative journalists.

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