End of the Peer Show Day Two


 Burnt remains of Brighton Peer show more life than the Labour Party Conference
Political Peer Patricia Scotland must be hoping that the disastrous Labour Part Conference will divert attention from her scandal and let her cling to her job.

Lord Gravy Train, twice disgraced Peter Mandelson did a warm up speech that basically told the delegates that if a sleaze merchant and mortgage fraudster could slink back into government twice there was hope still for the Blair Brown Regime. Of course he neglected to mention that the electorate will not be as forgiving as “Bottler” Brown who would take anyone with a heart beat into his shambles of a misgovernment.

“Bottler” followed by promising everything to everyone and managed to reduce the temperature after the Mandelson warmup.

Dan X

End of the Peer Show Day One

The End of the Peer Show, AKA Labour Party Conference 2009, got off to bumpy start. Political Peer Baroness Scotland stole the show with her scandal. “Bottler” Brown was asked on BBC (AKA Blair Brown Communications) TV by BlairBrown Regime groupie Marr if he took drugs. Not clear yet if this was a clumsy spin attempt to counter the increasing number of stories on the Internet that “Bottler” is addicted to a drug cocktail similar to that given to Michael Jackson. If it was a spin attempt it backfired with “Bottler” looking shifty and dishonest – but then he usually does whatever the question.

In the Conference hall “Bottler” gave what had been billed as the speech of his life to an almost empty hall. Maybe the delegates were all out job hunting in preparation for a post-Regime world.

Dan X

Pigs In Revolt


Seems that the lesser pigs at the Labour Conference are in revolt over the Baroness Scotland scandal.

As new revelations emerge, the political peer is looking very fragile and the spin machine is cranking up to smear her former housekeeper.

The latest smear is that valuables were stolen from the Baroness’ home although this appears to have been form a time before she employed the illegal immigrant from Tonga.

In a sign of desperation, the political peer is now allegedly claiming that she was shown a faked passport. This raises interesting questions.

1. If she knew it to be a fake – why did she still hire the housekeeper?

2. If she claimed to have seen a genuine passport part way through the various Scotland versions of  events, why did she not tell the Border Agency that she had seen two different passports?

3. Where is the mystery passport now?

4. Is Baroness Scotland on the same planet?

5. Why is “Bottler” Brown such an incompetent?

Dan X

Is This Promotion


Allegedly “Bottler” Brown was once locked in a lavatory until he agreed to stand aside and let “Phony” Blair become leader of the Labour Party. His staff pleaded five times this week with the US Government to grant a photo opportunity with the US President. All the Americans would agree to was a brief encounter in a kitchen at the UN building – still this could be a step up from being locked in a lavatory.

Just to add misery, “Bottler” had only just confirmed his full confidence in political peer Baroness Scotland when her aide resigned in protest at her lack of honour in not herself resigning after being caught employing an illegal immigrant. It then got even worse when the immigrant hired publicist Max Clifford to sell her side of the story to the press,  raising the possibility that Crony Scotland lied about the affair in her version of events.

Never mind “Bottler” you will soon be back in Britain to yet more disasters,

Dan X.

Some Pigs Are More Equal


Baroness Scotland and Cronies consider themselves more equal than other pigs

A smirking Baroness Scotland likened her offense under immigration law, resulting in a £5000 fine, to a minor technical issue less important than forgetting to pay a London congestion charge.

Critics suggest that, as the senior Law Officer advising Government on legal matters, and architect of the law that she has just broken, she should resign from her Government post. Others point out that as an unelected appointee she should do the decent thing and resign her political peerage and spend more time with someone else’s expenses having creamed nearly £200,000 from the taxpayers in expenses as a political peer.

This overlooks the reality of the Blair/Brown Regime where Ministers only resign when they have been caught doing nothing wrong. The Regime started by mistaking George Orwell’s 1984 as an instruction manual, rather than the warning it was intended to be. Under the Regime, all Westminster pigs are considered equal but the ruling elite are considered to be more equal pigs than the rest of the herd.

Dan X.

Terrorist Favours for Oil


The emerging story is a familiar one of the Blair Brown Regime’s incompetence and sleaze. Evidence is coming to light that shows a direct link between releasing the Lockerbie Bomber in return for oil from Libya.

There are two stories.

The first is how Phony Blair as part  of his swan song cut a deal with the Libyan dictator that exchanged the Lockerbie Bomber for an agreement to give BP an exploration contract and a part in subsequent production. Even by Blair Brown Regime duplicity, this was an epic with Ministers engaged in a flurry of covert communications with the Libyans and a murky involvement for Mandelson and his rich Russian friends. First the denials and evasions, and then the reluctant admissions as the malefactions are uncovered.

The second story is how the Blair Brown Regime tried to play Scottish party politics by making the Scottish Parliament fall guys for the Blair Brown crimes. This was to be an added bonus of smearing the SNP and costing them votes at the next election. US politicians were quick to round on the Scots and threaten sanctions – the heady days of mounting an invasion to effect regime change having ended with George W and his neocons.

It is beginning to look as though the SNP may have played a poisoned hand well. Under pressure to release the Lockerbie Bomber on a prisoner exchange agreement, the SNP decided to repatriate the mass murderer on compassionate grounds in the belief that he has less than three months to live. Under Scottish Law the Parliament and its Ministers had little choice because there is a clear provision to allow compassionate release of prisoners who have a limited period left to live. By taking this action, the SNP Scottish Government avoided the bear trap dug for them by the Blair Brown Regime, where a release under prisoner exchange would have allowed the Lockerbie Bomber to continue to appeal his conviction and for his family to continue after his death in the fiction that he was the victim of a miscarriage of justice. As it is his conviction stands and his right to appeal has gone.