We were not (too) amused

HM The Queen, the only part of the State system that has functioned honestly, industriously, and economically, addressing the corrupt, incompetent, greedy political elements

HM The Queen, the only part of the State system that has functioned honestly, industriously, and economically, addressing the corrupt, incompetent, greedy political elements

HM The Queen demonstrated supreme self control during her presentation of the Blair Brown Regime plans for the remaining days in power. The six minutes she took to detail the programme was more than required for such a thin legislative agenda. Although Her Majesty avoided a smile, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh was positively skittish. Perhaps he was amused by the irony of hours of preparation by the Royal Household for such a brief and trivial moment in public.

Even Blair Brown loyalists experienced difficulty is supporting what was less a legislative agenda than a naked political posturing designed to fire the election gun. It is easy to assume that “Bottler” Brown’s big plan to to attempt to bore the British electorate.


Send in the Clowns

The EUSSR Polit Bureau has anointed two electoral evaders to manage a budget of £60 billion.

The new President will have to juggle a large expense account and salary

The new President will have to juggle a large expense account and salary

President Rumpuy, previously unelected Belgian Prime Minister, has announced his mission is to eradicate national identities within Europe and prohibit the use of national flags and symbols. In future only Europe symbols will be permitted.
The original United Europe flag could not be flown unless the President is able to force Germany to change legislation prohibiting it

The original United Europe flag could not be flown unless the President is able to force Germany to change legislation prohibiting it

Crony Ashton will manage 7,000 Eurocrats and a budget of more than £11 billion

Crony Ashton will manage 7,000 Eurocrats and a budget of more than £11 billion

Crony Peer Ashton is the new Lord High Representative for the EUSSR. As an enthusiastic Nuclear Disarmer one priority will be to demand that all nuclear countries disarm immediately.

The European Liberation Army has sent a delegation to the United States to learn how Americans dealt with an oppressive regime.


In a Hole and Still Digging

“Bottler” Brown loves to dig deeper every time he is in a hole.

Incredibly, “Bottler” hand wrote a note of condolence, full of spelling mistakes, to the mother of a young soldier killed in Afghanistan.

For a Prime Minister to write by hand a personal message of sympathy for a relative of a soldier killed in action is to be commended. Margaret Thatcher wrote messages to the relatives of those killed during the liberation of the Falkland Islands.

However, it is important that any such note should be addressed correctly and checked to ensure there are no errors of any kind. It should also be legible. The excuse from “Bottler” Brown was that his writing was very bad. Not surprisingly the recipient took exception to what looked like a careless and illiterate letter, hastily penned.

“Bottler” could have got his spin doctors to issue a release celebrating the achievement of diversity targets by anointing a Prime Minister, to follow Phony Blair, who suffered visual and psychological impairment, citing the note as proof of impairment.

As it was, “Bottler” decided to make one of his notorious odd hour telephone calls. This potentially could be commended if the purpose was to express his sorrow that the letter had caused distress. Unfortunately, “Bottler” started digging deeper by arguing with the bereaved mother about how many spelling mistakes his note contained. As the mother became more distraught and angry, the argument then developed into a denial that British troops had been sent to Afghanistan without adequate equipment. It is now widely recognized that drastic cost cutting, that has allowed MOD pen-pushers to earn millions in performance bonus payments, has contributed to deaths of British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Arguing with the mother of a soldier who had helped her son buy body armour and other essential equipment was hardly likely to improve her humour.


Back in the eUSSR?


With the final signature on the European Constitution/Treaty of Lisbon, the EUSSR has come into being.

Americans fondly believe it means  a United States of Europe, a copy of the US of A, a junior partner who can be relied upon to support a US President in whatever he wants to do. They may become bitterly disappointed.

The Chinese wish that they may live in interesting times. They may get their wish.

The EUSSR has now followed two thirds of the master plan originally written by Goering in the 1930s. Following the remaining third will certainly be interesting.

As of today, the EUSSR can claim to be the mightiest Empire in history with outposts of Empire in Africa and South America, in the South Atlantic and in the Pacific, in addition to comprising Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

If the published maps become reality, Norway, Iceland, Greenland and much of Canada can be expected to join the union, or be assimilated. Turkey and Israel may be brought into the Union within the next five years.

The question then is – how far will the vision develop? It would be logical for English, French, Spanish and Portuguese-speaking nations  to join the union. The Goering Plan envisaged the acquisition of the US as part of the final stage.

Where now is the British Commonwealth left? Will it be divided between the USA and the EUSSR?

Will India and China fight it out over Africa?

Of course the EUSSR may die in infancy. The forces that have driven it forward, biting off small chunks at a time, as Goering envisaged, may now find a growing resistance within. Of those who hope for European co-operation, many are unenthusiastic about the Franco German plan for world domination. Many in Europe hope for accountable government and the pursuit of corrupt politicians. Many wish to work together, where it makes sense, but to still preserve their national identities, their languages, their culture and their religions.

Much will depend on who is anointed as the first President and  who is anointed as the first Foreign Minister. Their job specifications have yet to be written. Probably those two people will write their own job specifications. Will they be political and international midgets, chosen so as not to offend the big nations of Europe? Will they be egomaniacs, such as War Criminal Blair, who will expect to be acknowledged as the Leaders of the World.

The choice of President and Foreign Minister are not the only difficult early decisions. Europe now needs a single language. It is unlikely that the single language will be required to replace all languages, but become the language of the military and government, with those wishing to use a different regional language having to carry the cost of translation from the Official Language. Even so, choosing the Official Language will present some challenges. The French and the Germans both assumed that their language would become the communications standard, but English is the most widely spoken language and the natural choice, if not necessarily the English spoken in England.

Then there is the choice of capital city. Brussels is only the logical choice if Europe expands to the Americas, but then London begins to challenge strongly as the centre of world commerce. If the expansion West does not happen, the logical location will be Berlin. Which ever is selected, the Parliament will be located there and not follow the current caravan route between Brussels and Strasbourg.
Europe is now at a cross roads. The level of corruption and self-interested power that has characterized Eurocrats and the ruling elite could be sustained by taking the EUSSR road. The resistance movement could grow and bring an end to the criminal practices and begin to return power to the people. The resistance could grow very rapidly and lead to the breakup of the European Union.

If the road to full EUSSR is taken every European country will feel the jackboot on its neck.

The alternative could all be very different. Harmonization could mean that Britons, generally accepted as the most dissident EU Member State, may find that harmonization brings unexpected benefits. Motorways could have speed limits removed. Trains might run on time. Citizens could once again own handguns and hunt foxes. Taxes could fall as the cost of military forces is spread across Europe. The burka could become illegal. Racial discrimination in favour of immigrants from outside Europe could be ended.

How it all unfolds remains to be seen.


EU Tax Strategy Uncovered


The EU intends ruthlessly exploiting green taxes not to benefit the environment but to raise new taxes to fund the eurocratic expansion being planned for the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

This growing trend for governments to create new tax generation schemes under the cover of saving the planet are likely to persuade an increasing number of taxpayers that  Global Warming is just another racket to plunder their money.

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Afghans Reject EU Voting Model


The Afghans have rejected the EU voting model where the electorate are forced to keep voting until they get the right result.

As the winner of the first round of Presidential elections faced now other candidates for a second round, the Afghan decided to do the smart thing and stop voting.

It may be that democratic voting in Afghanistan is not the same as voting in the US and Europe but it is s step forward towards a system that Afghans can accept without major social engineering.

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