Paradox of Honour

GeorgeOsborne& DavidLaw

Chancellor Osborne (left background) with Chief Secretary Law (right foreground)

The Tory Whig Coalition suffered its first loss and the Blair Brown Regime gained their first sleazy victory. British Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Law tendered his resignation. Whig MP for Yeovil, David Law did something that British voters once took for granted, he made a principled decision, placing honour before self. Thirteen years of Blair Brown Regime misrule followed a different path when Ministers only resigned if they had done nothing wrong, whilst crooks and incompetents clung on until beaten off the tree by outraged public opinion.



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Give Love a Chance

After the Whigs double-dealing blew up in their faces, they were lucky to find the Tories still prepared to offer what had already been agreed. Had it been the Tory deal that blew up, Mandelson and Campbell would have withdrawn any outline offer they might have agreed. Cameron’s Tories showed great statesmanship in keeping the agreed offer on the table and then completing negotiations as though nothing had happened.
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The Worst Possible Outcome in the Worst of All Possible Worlds

The British General Election is ending in the worst possible result in the most hostile of worlds. The Labour Party has been comprehensively rejected. The LibDems, who boasted that they were now the second party and would win more than one hundred seats, have failed to match their boasts with results and are expected to end with fewer seats than they previously held. The Conservatives have achieved major swings, made the largest number of gains at any election in the last eighty years, but still failed to achieve a working majority of Commons seats. All this against a rapidly deteriorating global economic environment and with the European Union facing potentially destructive pressures.
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Commonwealth Election Monitors Active in British Election

Commonwealth election monitors have been dispatched to Britain as fears grow for widespread Labour and LibDem election fraud.

Some fifty separate police investigations are underway into suspected election fraud by Labour and LibDems. More cases were reported yesterday and, if the election result is a hung Parliament, the final number of seats held by any party may not be known for at least one month because that is the time within which formal contest of a result can be made. Even then, the result for any seat where a claim is upheld would not be known until after a second election has been held.