2012 for the Accidental Hero


When British Prime Minister flew to Brussels before Christmas he had a freshly laundered white flag in his briefcase and a “Peace in Our Times” document ready for the signature of the Reich Kanzler.


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Cameron was ready to surrender, asking only for a token in return – exemption temporarily for the City of London from punitive taxes designed to destroy the financial center and the transfer of trade to Frankfurt. It didn’t seem much in return for the total loss of sovereignty for Britain. Cameron knew that any exemption would be unlikely to last more than a few months and that all future British budgets would have to be approved in Berlin before presentation to the British “Parliament” which would become a rubber stamping Quisling Government.

Then a very unlikely friend of Britain stepped forward. Poison Dwarf Sarkozy was unprepared to accept anything less than total unconditional surrender of Britain, forcing Cameron to declare that Britain would use its veto to prevent the replacement of the EU with the Fourth Reich.

So Sarkozy’s greed and arrogance torpedoed the plan he was so keen to support.

Cameron returned to Britain not to wave a worthless “Peace in Our Times” note but to be seen as Churchill born again, defending Britain from a deadly foe.

The question for 2012 is – Can Cameron snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

A devastated Germany was soon pleading with Cameron to remove his veto in return for the very modest and temporary relief of the British finance industry. There were indications that he might agree, but then much has changed since the threat of veto. The British people have been empowered. They can now see a future without the millstone of the EU round their necks. An end to costly legislation on straight bananas and other Brussels nonsense.

Britain is coming to realize just how much it has been held back by the EU, its competitiveness in the world strangled by Brussels red tape.

Even then comedic Ed Milliband is starting to change his position on Europe as the only way to stave off a new Labour Leadership election. Only the Eurocrat Clegg and his band of “Don’t knows” still cling to the dream of an EUSSR and the removal of democracy.

Of course the Clown of Brussels van Rumpy Pumpy is oblivious to the sea change sweeping across Europe and has favoured world leaders with his views on happiness. The Eurocrats also decided to celebrate the Euro with a 2 Euro coin (due to be worth nothing at all), oblivious to the impending disaster as the finance markets despair of EuroZone leaders ever coming up with a solution to the structural failures of the Euro.

With international pressures and the growing block of Conservative and Labour MPs against Brussels exploitation, Cameron may now be trapped in the crusader’s cape and be forced to remain an accidental hero, however much he wants to be Son of the Traitor Heath.

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