2012 Olympics Venue in Doubt


The Millenium Dome has come to symbolize the Blair regime in inaction. This project was also claimed to be the answer to regeneration of East London and consumed many millions of pounds more than was budgeted, raiding the Lottery Fund coffers at the expense of charitable organizations and still proving a monumental failure. Perhaps the kindest act would have been to use it as a target for RN Sea Harrier bombing practice. Lets hope the 2012 Olympics does not prove to be a re-run of the Dome fiasco.

When the Blair regime trumpeted the wining of the 2012 Olympics for London, it forecast a huge regeneration of East London and significant economic advantages. These claims should perhaps have been doubted in view of the Blair track record of project non-delivery, and of political interference in sport.

Having recently seen the resignation of the American heading the agency responsible for providing the necessary infrastructure, the latest disaster is a spat between Blair’s Ministers and the admission that Value Added Tax was not planned for and could leave a huge hole in finances for the project to prepare and run the 2012 Games.

With the electoral reverses suffered in the US by the Bush Administration, and the UK police closing in on Prime Minister Blair, an increasing number now fear that there will be no consistent support and funding from the British Government. They point to the experiences with the Millennium Dome where political interference, cronyism, project drift and greedy workers threatened plans to complete the venue for the Millennium Celebrations. There are many parallels between the failed project for the Dome and the 2012 Olympics, notably the fact that planning is extremely ambitious, but unfocussed, and where the end date is fixed, which allows suppliers and workers to hold the project to ransom.

Claims that London will be part of the Arc Manche Republic before 2012 further muddy the already murky waters. Paris, capital of the Arc Manche Republic, was unhappy to see London win the competition to host the 2012 Olympics. A some are now pointing out that the Olympics should be hosted in a Capital City rather than a regional market town, which is what London would become under the Arc Manche expansion plans, making Paris the obvious choice to salvage the 2012 Olympics.

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