The EU is a Laughing Stock Again…

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With less than a year until the General Election, our campaign is proceeding full steam ahead. Yesterday, the Daily Express wrote about our exposé of even more EU red tape. This will require large companies to disclose details of their policies on “environment, diversity and human rights” in their annual and financial reports! As we told the Express (link below), it is yet another example of “excessive Brussels interference”. This unwarranted intrusion by the EU will add to the cost of British firms doing business and is a further invasion of our privacy.

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Napoleon comes to Plymouth…

hms bellerophon and napoleon

In 1816 British artist John James Chalon recreated the scene when Napoleon came to Plymouth

I have the great good fortune to live not far from Plymouth, Devon. Ever since the days of Sir Francis Drake and the Spanish Armada, Plymouth has played a key role in Britain’s maritime history. But it was on this day in 1815 that perhaps the most amazing sight was ever seen on the harbour…
This description of the scene is taken my from little non-fiction volume, Stockwin’s Maritime Miscellany

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Jenny Beth Martin: The Immorality of a Border Bailout


This week Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin gave a speech at the Western Conservative Summit concerning the issues facing America on immigration. She talked about the immorality of the impending border bailouts proposed by both President Obama and Speaker Boehner and their impact on those attempting to become Americans legally.

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The Dutch Safety Board is shocked

Malaysia-Airlines-Boeing-777-200 PlanespottersNet 222474


The initial statement issued within hours of the terrorist attack by Russian agents on the Malaysian airliner

The Dutch Safety Board is shocked by the air disaster in Ukraine and thoughts are with the next of kin of those on board. The Board will be doing all it can to provide next of kin with as much information as possible about the disaster. Therefore the Board will be travelling to Ukraine at the earliest opportunity to take part in the international investigation into the disaster, which occurred in the Donetsk region.

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Data Cockpit Voice Recorder MH17 downloaded


On Tuesday 22 July 2014 at 22:00 in Kiev, Ukraine, the flight data and cockpit voice recorders (the ‘black boxes’) from the Malaysian Airlines flight 17 were taken into custody by the Dutch ambassador and a team of investigators led by the Dutch Safety Board. The Dutch Safety Board requested that the Air Accident Investigation Branch of the United Kingdom (AAIB) perform the data download from both the recorders. The recorders were transported to the AAIB’s laboratory at Farnborough, arriving 23rd July in the early morning.

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Dutch Safety Board heads investigation: investigation effort in full swing, black


The Dutch Safety Board took over formal responsibility for the air crash investigation from Ukraine yesterday evening. The two black boxes have since arrived in the United Kingdom, where they are currently being read out and analysed by a team of international specialists. The on-site investigation in Ukraine is currently in full swing. Although investigators still do not have safe access to the crash site, work to gather and analyse data from various sources is underway in both Kiev and the Netherlands.

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