Border Security Is The Most Important Issue of 2014 & Other Things You Need to Know This Week

This week, Jenny Beth sat down for an interview with World Net Daily to discuss why border security is the most important political issue of 2014, the Obama Administration admitted it had backups of Lois Lerner’s emails all along and Tea Party Patriots announced they will release a documentary on the border crisis called The Border States of America. Here are some things you need to know this week.

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5 Reasons Kay Hagan Should Be Defeated


U.S. Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) rode the Obama wave of 2008 into office, assuring Tar Heel State voters she’d be an independent, moderate Democrat in Washington. And like so many before her, the first-term US Senator has managed to put the “Blue” in “Blue Dog,” so reliable is her proxy for the Obama Administration. Here are five reasons, in no particular order, that Kay Hagan should be sent into retirement come January 2015.

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