The SSJ100: Super Optimized Aircraft in the 100-seat market


SSJ100 still battling the funding issues creatred by the Russian Nazi Leader Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine

Venice (Italy) – October 31, 2014

VLM Photo

Following the agreement (Letter of Intent) signed between the leasing Company “Ilyushin Finance Corporation” (IFC) and the Belgian carrier VLM Airline – for two Sukhoi Superjet 100 with options for additional two plus ten aircraft – SuperJet International is pleased to see the confirmation of the outstanding suitability and the exceptional efficiency of the SSJ100 aircraft in the European market.

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Book Review – A History of Frauds Through the Ages, Beggars, Cheats and Forgers



First glance at the title might encourage the reader to think this might be a story of everyday political folk, but it is in fact a carefully researched study of a much neglected area of British history. It produces a fascinating view of historical scams and holds the reader’s attention to the end.

This book is thought provoking and will reward the reader’s time.

Book Review – Sniper in Helmand, Six Months on the Frontline



This new book provides a very valuable view of the military environment and provides information that should be part of the intelligence map that is needed to guide the future relationship between NATO and the Afghan people. The author is one of the small band of soldiers who have the capability to become snipers and Afghanistan has always been the battlefield for snipers. Snipers are a rare breed who earn the respect of enemy and comrade. It is a dangerous and arduous task that requires the development of considerable skill and determination. It also requires discipline and great patience.



Drunkeness endemic in Scotland

As the Scottish government announces plans to reduce the country’s drink-drive limit, a new UK-wide study from Direct Line reveals that one in seven pubs are failing to offer customers a small (125ml) glass of wine. The research raises concerns for motorists in particular, who are looking to manage their alcoholic intake to ensure they are still legally able to drive.


In summary:

Earlier this year Scotland’s Public Health Minister Michael Matheson said 125ml measures should be made more widely available and in England and Wales, offering 125ml measures is a legal requirement

Despite this, 15% of non-chain pubs say they don’t serve a 125ml glass of wine

29% of those that say they do, don’t actually list it on the menu

Wine is the drink of choice amongst the majority (76%) of female motorists who drink alcohol

In fact, one in six (17%) female motorists think they’ve driven whilst over the legal limit in the past year

Over half admit they don’t know how many glasses of wine can legally be consumed before driving

The proportion of driving convictions from women almost doubled from 1998 -2012

In 84% of cases, it was cheaper to buy a 250ml glass than two 125ml glasses. In one instance ‘doubling up’ cost just 30 pence

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Cameron is Furious

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Over two weeks ago, Get Britain Out revealed David Cameron’s assertion he succeeded in lowering the EU’s annual budget is lying in tatters. Only two days ago the EU confirmed they would not only be reversing the budget cuts, but also requesting a further €4 billion in spending for 2015 from all EU Member States. If this isn’t a blow to Cameron’s face, what else is?

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