Downton Dave Gives Lower Honours to the Help


Chicken Dave, Leader, Tories4Corbyn

Downton Dave Gives Lower Honours to the Help
by WikiGuido

Dave has generously handed out honours to his Downing Street staff, making a long list of his former SpAds CBEs, MBEs or OBEs. But what about the help? The No. 10 gardener and caterers have only been awarded a British Empire Medal, a lower level of honour than their colleagues:

Alison Depass – Catering Assistant, 10 Downing Street. For public service
Paul Schooling – Gardener, 10 Downing Street. For public service
Marjorie Wallace – Catering Assistant, 10 Downing Street. For public service

A bit Upstairs, Downstairs…

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Hain Gravy Train Hypocrisy


And another champaign socialist hypocriter to the House of Cronies

Hain Gravy Train Hypocrisy
by WikiGuido

On 3 November 2014, not even twelve months ago, Peter Hain told his constituents he believed the second chamber should be elected:

“The Lords are an archaic anomaly which fuels disillusionment with British politics. It exists purely on a democratic deficit which has been allowed to evolve unchecked for centuries… the fact is that people are fed up with an out-of-touch political class and the growing sense that Westminster is failing us all.”

Yesterday, he became Lord Hain of Neath, writing in the Guardian that “it wasn’t an easy decision”, it had required “considerable thought”, but he concluded that “more peers in favour of reform are crucially important”.

What was it about the £300-a-day attendence allowance that changed his mind?

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Moat Cleaning Expenses Scandal MP Awarded Peerage


Another expenses-bashing crony to the House of Cronies

Moat Cleaning Expenses Scandal MP Awarded Peerage
by WikiGuido

Douglas Hogg, the former Tory minister who infamously had his moat cleaned on expenses, has been made a Lord. Hogg charged the taxpayer for having his moat cleared, piano tuned and stable lights fixed at his country manor house. He’ll fit in well in our second chamber.

Other upstanding names on the list include Peter Hain, who had to resign and faced a police investigation after he failed to declare 20 donations to his deputy leadership campaign worth a total of over £100,000. A proud day for parliament…

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Shameless LibDems Bung Honours to More Donors


Failure Rewarded

Shameless LibDems Bung Honours to More Donors
by WikiGuido

Next time the LibDems tell us how the House of Lords is an antiquated, corrupt body that needs reform, remember who they chose to give honours to today:

Duncan Greenland CBE: Has donated a total of £316,858.95 to the LibDems since 2004, £31,000 of which went to Clegg’s constituency.

Richard Duncalf OBE: Donated £216,000 to the party since 2007, including an individual £10,000 donation to Clegg.

Sir Anthony Ullman: Given the party £108,000 in total, including £30,000 directly to Clegg four days before he visited Ullmann’s firm in 2013.

Ian Wright CBE: Given £32,807.79 in addition to £9,000 to Clegg directly.

It stinks.

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UKIP & Greens Cheated Out of Peers


LibLabCon Party make a rude gesture to the British Voters as they stuff more of their cronies into the bloated House of Cronies

UKIP & Greens Cheated Out of Peers
by Guido Fawkes

Whatever you think about the selection of peers there was a terrible undemocratic partisan bias in the Lords appointments:
Lords Votes Ratio
Conservative 26 11,334,576 435,945
Green 0 1,157,613 –
Labour 8 9,347,304 1,168,413
Lib Dem 11 2,415,862 219,624
UKIP 0 3,881,099 –

For every 435,945 votes the Tories got they appointed a Lord, it took over a million votes to justify a Labour peer and a mere 219,624 for a LibDem peer. The second chamber of our democracy ignored the preferences of 5 million voters for the Greens and UKIP. Not a single peer between them – some democratic deficit…

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Guess who is joining us on September 9th on Capitol Hill!


Act to prevent Holocaust II

Today was a huge success for Tea Party Patriots. Through your tremendous efforts, we were able to visit nearly 200 congressional offices so our elected officials could hear from us about why we are so opposed to President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. If you were one of the hundreds of organizers of congressional office visits, THANK YOU! Please don’t forget to fill out an after-action report so we can catalog our success with your photos and information about the events.

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vodafone icon

„h Only eight per cent of Britain¡¦s public sector frontline workers are equipped with 4G connectivity, revealed YouGov research for Vodafone UK
„h Frontline workers including police officers, district nurses and social workers could further improve services to citizens, more cost-effectively, with the use of 4G mobile connectivity
„h Lack of knowledge of the benefits of 4G (42 per cent) amongst public sector decision makers appears to be holding the public sector back from benefitting from 4G technology, and perceptions of cost given as one of the main reasons for not adopting 4G (30 per cent) by those who don¡¦t have it

The UK public sector could be missing out on the opportunity to provide faster and more cost-effective community-based services to citizens due to slow 4G adoption amongst Britain¡¦s vital frontline. Less than one in 10 public sector frontline workers are currently using 4G technology, research by YouGov and Vodafone UK amongst public sector decision makers has revealed. The slow uptake of 4G technology in the public sector appears to be attributable to a lack of knowledge of the benefits it can provide (42 per cent); alongside perception of overall costs involved, which was cited as one of the key obstacles to adoption (30 per cent) by those that don¡¦t already have 4G.

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