Want border control and fair immigration? Vote Leave, stopping homophobic bullying in schools

douglascarswell-3.jpgNew on Talkcarswell:The latest migration figures released yesterday prove once again that we can’t control our borders as long as we remain in the EU. But voting Leave isn’t just about controlling the numbers; it’s also about making possible a fair immigration system. …

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“What is the Government doing to stop homophobic bullying in schools?”
— Douglas Carswell, House of Commons, 25/02/16








“Brexit: The Movie” Achieves £100,000 Funding

“Brexit: The Movie” Achieves £100,000 Funding

by guidobard


Congratulations to Guido’s favourite film producer Martin Durkin on achieving his crowd-funded £100,000 target for “Brexit: The Movie” in 26 days. 1,500 people backed the Kickstarter campaign, and the film – a powerful, polemic, Eurosceptic equivalent of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” – will be released at the beginning of May. Martin says:

 “£100k raised for BREXIT THE MOVIE.  This film is a battering ram.  We will use it to reduce Fortress Europe to rubble.”

Coming to national broadcasters and selected theatres soon…

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