Minimum pricing to impact over half of alcohol sales


We don’t give a stuff – too busy enriching ourselves

Wine and premium brands could be the big winners

Other implications include “near-extinction” of major price deals, rise of cross-border shopping and stockpiling

London, 14 November 2016. At least 50% of alcohol sold in Scotland doesn’t meet the impending minimum price legislation.

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Judges WILL NOT Trump the Will of the British People

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Who would have guessed it? Due to the election of Donald Trump, Brexit is no longer the most surprising political event to happen this year. The Brexit earthquake measured a 7 on Richter Scale, eclipsed by the President-elect Donald Trump’s earthquake coming in at 9.9 and shaking the American establishment and parts of the world to the core.

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Crown Prince highlights Bahrain’s commitment to increase region’s security and prosperity


10 November 2016, Manama: His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales today visited the UK naval support facility in Mina Salman, during which an official ceremony was held to inaugurate the Welfare block.

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New Pen & Sword catalog opens for modellers and Firetrench Readers receive special discounts

Aviation Front Cover

Pen & Sword have just open a new on-line catalog of books for modellers and Firetrench readers can obtain a special discount by accessing the catalog from this link:

Some cracking Christmas presents!!

Reviews for many of these books are already in the on-line reviews databases – more to be added over the coming weeks.

The books in this new catalog are outstanding. Not only are they lavishly illustrated for modellers, but they include excellent aircraft historys and information for all with an interest in aviation.

How Trump defied the odds to reach the White House


credit and hyperlink SmartBets when using the infographic*

How Trump defied the odds to reach the White House

Huge 24-hour turnaround sees Trump shock the world

Wednesday 9th November, 2016 – Donald Trump has defied the odds to become the 45th President of the United States of America and SmartBets has tracked the Republican’s meteoric rise over the past 24 hours.

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Trump win could be worse result for the bookies than Brexit

thumbs up DJT 1464897001

Serves them right for following BBC propganda

Bookmaker bashed by Brexit II

Betway’s Alan Alger, said: “After Leicester winning the League at monster odds and punters cleaning us out in the late hours of the Brexit vote, we could have done without Donald Trump being given the keys to the White House.

“Our odds fell in line with the polls, keeping Clinton short and luring in just a fistful of big stakes on the Democrat. We were happy to lay the tens and hundreds on Trump at juicy odds and that has hit us hard. Those who went against the experts have collected handsomely.

“Counting the losses at the moment, it looks as though at least 65 per cent of bets placed ahead of polling were on Trump and this could be a worse result for the bookies than Brexit.”


Swansea turbine crane

Geneva, 7 November 2016 – Seaborne shipments passed 10 billion tons for the first time ever in 2015, up 2.1 per cent from 9.8 billion tons the year before, the UNCTAD Review of Maritime Transport 2016 says, noting that this is the slowest pace of growth in the industry since 2009 and that future growth looks uncertain.

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Cyber security is not just about information


Governments have failed to enforce existing good laws (and there are a few), modify defective laws and introduce new essential legislation. Businesses have consistently tried to avoid spending money on cyber risk control, There has been a lack of appropriate training and emploment for specialists since the ending of the Cold War. The result is that cyber security has moved backwards since 1990 at almost the same rate as cyber crime has increased. BSD Editor

The IET welcomes the Government announcement of new investment in a £1.9bn government cybersecurity strategy but is calling for the emphasis to be firmly on education and behaviour change, which needs to be led by business leaders.


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