A Dictionary of Coastal Command 1939-1945

This new book provides a very different approach to presenting the story of Coastal Command, with a good selection of images. The Royal Navy was able to regain control of most British naval aviation in 1938. The exception was Coastal Command which remained part of the RAF. A very readable book that is engrossing but which can be dipped into as required. A valuable companion to any collection of WWII aviation books.






News update – Article 50, the Great Repeal Bill and join The Patriotic Alliance

This has been a historic week for the United Kingdom. Shortly after midday on Wednesday, our ambassador to the EU, Tim Barrow handed Donald Tusk a letter informing the EU of Britain’s intention to withdraw from their failing project. The notice, given under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, will officially begin Britain’s exit from the EU more than nine months after 17.4m patriotic Brits voted to leave in the largest exercise in democracy in the history of the UK.


Mrs May struck a conciliatory tone in the letter, calling for British freedom from the unnecessary European political project while desiring common sense measures to continue to cooperate with European partners where it makes sense. Whether bitter EU leaders will do the sensible thing remains to be seen. Read Leave.EU’s analysis of the infamous Article 50 to get the inside scoop on what is to come.

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