Tax reform moves one step closer and other things you need to know

The Senate GOP passed its tax reform bill in an early vote last Saturday. Jenny Beth said, “Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund and our nationwide network of more than 3 million supporters commend the Senate for passing a tax reform bill. We appreciate the Senate included repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate as a first step toward full repeal of Obamacare and it is critical that the provision is included in the final bill. We will be watching the conference between the House and Senate and will do everything we can to ensure the final bill that is sent to President Trump will lead to a simpler, flatter, and fairer tax system for all Americans.”

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Kingdom of Bahrain Response to ‘The EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes’

Manama, 7th December 2017: On 5th of December 2017, after a very short round of final consultations the Kingdom of Bahrain was named by the European Union (EU) as a non-cooperative jurisdiction for tax purposes.  This list was based on criteria around perceived approaches to transparency and information exchange, fair tax competition and implementation of the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) standards.

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Alleged plot to kill PM






TMay the most unpopular British PM since Neville Chamberlain in 1940


British statesman and prime minister Neville Chamberlain (1869 – 1940) at Heston Airport on his return from Munich after meeting with Hitler, making his ‘peace in our time’ address. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)



by Dr John Bahadur Lamb, Lecturer in Criminology and Security Studies at Birmingham City University

“Two men are in Court today accused of planning to kill the Prime Minister. Such plots are not uncommon and, thankfully, the excellent security services which the UK has usually foil them before they get beyond the planning stage.

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Thank you for your generosity and other things you need to know

As we wrap up the week, the Senate is moving toward a final vote on a tax reform package that will provide American families with badly-needed tax relief. A vote on final passage is expected as soon as Friday evening. Once the Senate has passed their version of tax reform, the Senate and the House will have to go to a conference to reconcile the differences between the two bills. Once the conference is finished, both the House and Senate will have to each vote on a conference report in order to send a final bill to President Trump’s desk to be signed into law.

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