Climate Change May Not Affect the Poorest

Climate Change, whatever that really means, will not affect the poorest, but hysterical climate fraud driven tax increases will certainly hit them very hard. The beneficiaries will be all those milking ‘climate change’ for all its worth and selling products that require hysteria to create the conditions where marketeers can manipulate sales…..BRN Ed

The Unearth Bulletin

September 25 · Issue #70 · View online

Towards a Sustainable & Inclusive World

Climate change may not affect the poorest!

#StandWithICE online or in person this week!

Thank you for all you do! This week there are two action items to #StandWithICE!

Colorado State Coordinator Randy Corporon organized a #StandWithICE rally with Michelle Malkin at the detention facility in Aurora, CO last Saturday, and it was a HUGE success. They kept Antifa and the communists from attacking the facility and burning our flag, as they had done before. Jenny Beth attended this rally and you can watch video from the rally on our social media accounts.

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