Doctors are in DC *today* to fight for you!

Today is the second day of America’s Frontline Doctors Summit in Washington, DC, a meeting of physicians from across the country who share their hands-on experience treating Covid-19.  With your help over the last few months, Tea Party Patriots Action was able to organize and pay for this critically important event, along with a new organization, America’s Frontline Doctors.

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Week of July 27th Action Items: White Coat Summit in DC, No Tax Increases, & More!

This week, doctors head to DC to help ease Americans’ fears, volunteer to help re-elect President Trump, stop new taxes before they start, push your school boards to open schools, call your Senators, and the Gettysburg Address for a civics lesson with your kids.

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George Soros spends $50M on 2020 election

Report: “Biden’s VP list comes up short.” Allies say there’s no clear choice — and every pick has a shortcoming.

“‘Here’s the challenge,’ said the close Biden ally. ‘Every one of the people on the list you have a sentence that starts, ‘But she hasn’t…’ He ticked off some examples. But she hasn’t run for office before. (Rice) But she hasn’t won statewide. (Karen Bass) But she hasn’t been a team player. (Warren, Harris.) But she hasn’t had enough foreign policy experience. (Several)” (POLITICO)

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We’re coming for you, America-hating communists.

Spread the word – The Commies are Coming

Biden leaving his bunker no wonder his Campaign team dont want him seen in public

Biden now endorsed by the Communist Party

I often write to you with reasons about why President Trump absolutely must be re-elected because there are so many reasons. And, in order to help him, you need to be able to explain to others what these reasons are, and why it is necessary that he wins again.

What is the reason today?

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