Civil Rights in American History

It is widely claimed today that our nation is irredeemably flawed—that America has been fundamentally unjust from the beginning due to “systemic racism.”

The purpose of promoting this falsehood is to sever Americans’ patriotic attachment to our country and its founding principles in order to replace our limited government Constitution with a radically different form of government.

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President Trump calls in to PA GOP election hearing

We’re 22 days out from Election Day. Here’s the news that you’ll want to know:

(1) President Trump calls in to the Pennsylvania GOP hearing on the election


(2) House Democrats still scrambling after disastrous November election; “Democrats publicly airing long-simmering personal and ideological grudges”


(3) Georgia recount continues over Thanksgiving weekend


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families tomorrow. Just for fun, enjoy this feature on Corn and Cob, the Thanksgiving turkeys that President Trump pardoned yesterday.

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