5th Year Anniversary Event


You will not want to miss this event! Tea Party Patriots will be hosting a 5th year anniversary event in Washington D.C. to underscore the significance of the modern Liberty Movement. In 5 years the Tea Party has transformed the public dialog from a politically correct, complacent citizenry to a fierce fight for a return to limited government and our natural rights.




This 5 year anniversary will highlight some of the fantastic grassroots successes orchestrated by ordinary citizens fighting for their right to be free and will also feature many of our elected representatives who have proven to be in this fight with us. We want to show our gratitude for both the grassroots activists and strong elected representatives and let them know we have their backs! You have been with us through this historic movement, we hope you’ll join us for this historic event. Please save the date. More details will be released in early January.

Finally, we want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! We hope your lives will be filled with blessings and joy this holiday season.

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