A federal takeover of state and local elections

I need to warn you about the most dangerous bill in Congress – H.R. 1.

Liberal activists, the media, Democrat lawmakers… we have watched them try to silence everyday conservative Americans for far too long.

And now they’ve authored the so-called “For the People Act” or Nancy Pelosi’s election-takeover bill. 


The Left is on high alert because they know commonsense voting reforms will prevent their federal takeover of state and local elections.

That’s why they’re more motivated than ever to distort public opinion against necessary election reform like Georgia’s.

If the Left was honest, they’d call this bill what it is: the “For the Politicians Act.”

Instead, they’re playing word games, and of course, the mainstream media is going along with it.

This is about nothing more than a power grab for the Left.

And I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough.

That’s why Stand For America refuses to stand idly by while the Democrats try to push through a bill to give MORE power to Washington politicians – and LESS to the American people.

That is why I need you and every committed conservative to rush a $1 donation to fight H.R. 1.


Your financial commitment right now will ensure Stand For America can defend and protect fair and free elections.

You and I both know H.R. 1 will dismantle our healthy democratic process. 

This bill strips states of their constitutional right to determine their own election procedures and gives complete control to the federal government, letting politicians and bureaucrats in Washington. D.C. mandate laws for the states they’ve never even set foot in.

The liberal’s plot is simple – they want to shame prudent state voting reforms so people will support Pelosi’s “For The People Act” – which has already passed the House.

That is why I hope I can count on you to give just $1 to defend the integrity of our elections right now.

My team is already hard at work to expose this bill for what it is: a power grab and liberal takeover of our election process.

Your $1 contribution to Stand For America will fuel our efforts to combat H.R. 1.

This includes:

  • Producing a video that debunks the common myths of the “For the People Act”
  • Publishing articles like my recent op-ed in Townhall, exposing the lies and motivation behind H.R. 1
  • Flooding social media with facts that highlight the principles of free and fair elections
  • Engaging conservative Americans like YOU to stand against this tyrannical bill
  • Stand For America will not rest until H.R. 1 is defeated – but we can’t do that without you.

Your generosity and engagement keep our push for liberty alive.

So, if you can contribute just $1 to help us defeat H.R. 1 right now, I hope you will.

It is up to you and me to STAND FOR AMERICA.

Tim Chapman
Executive Director
Stand For America