A Government of No Talents


As the Blair Brown Regime enters melt down, “Bottler” Brown is planning a Government of No Talents after a mass exodus of Cabinet Ministers, with threats of more resignations as the rats leave the sinking ship two days before British Local Government elections and the European Parliamentary elections.

During the last six months, each week has looked like it was so bad for “Bottler” Brown and his national socialist regime that it couldn’t get any worse – only to find that the next week was.

Last week, tarred with endless sleaze, New Improved Formula One Labour was heading for third place in both sets of elections. This week, incredibly, things are even worse.

In an act of vindictiveness that characterizes “Bottler” Brown, his Star Chamber (a resurrection of the court operated infamously by Charles I, a contributory factor to the English Civil War) kangaroo court ordered that Norwich North MP Dr Gibson would be barred from standing again for re-election in spite of Dr Gibson meeting previously with his Constituency Party Committee, presenting his side of events in a recent sleaze allegation, and receiving the full support of his local committee. Dr Gibson has been an outstanding local MP but a thorn in the Government side since 1997. A traditional and rare Democratic Socialist, he was clearly uncomfortable in what became a national socialist party. If the allegations are correct, he has been guilty of very poor judgment in claiming for a flat occupied by his daughter rent free. OTOH it appears that he has used the flat regularly himself and as sleaze goes currently, his was one of the minor offences when compared with direct criminality of fraud and theft which “Bottler” Brown does not consider a reason for sacking Cabinet Ministers. Perhaps Dr Gibson will stand as an Independent Socialist at the next General Election.

Just to hide the level of vindictiveness in ruling on Dr Gibson, the Star Chamber also barred three guilty MPs who had already announced that they were too ashamed to stand for re-election.

The mass resignations from Cabinet are a surprise only in that they were announced two days before important elections. It is to be expected that more resignations will follow unless a coup ejects “Bottler” Brown. However, a coup is unlikely because many Labour MPs could risk their ‘golden parachute’ payments and golden pensions if a new Leader decided to force immediate resignations from Parliament ahead of calling a General Election. It would be like turkeys voting for Christmas or Thanks Giving Day.

This week’s events now mean that “Bottler” Brown will be forced to re-shuffle his dying Cabinet to replace Ministers who have resigned. His Government of Minimal Talents is now inevitably to become a Government of No Talents, placing Britain at even greater risk from the current economic turmoil.

Just to add to his woes, Peter Mandleson appears to have conspired to help a Russian oligarch crony to aquire Vauxhall Motors as part of GM Europe. This is the same oligarch who acquired British van maker LDV and just sold them down the river.

The prospects are that he will cling on to his salary with decreasing power until the final days.

There is still the hope that he will retire to his bunker with a Walther PPK and do the decent thing, two trusted cohorts standing by in the garden of 10 Downing Street with a stack of petrol jerry cans – faint hope.

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