A Man Without Integrity

How Many Faces Does a Whig have? 2,3 or more?

For a man who claimed to be totally honest and clean, Whig Leader Nick Clog has got himself into a very dirty situation. Last night a smirking Vince Cable was steering a red faced, mumbling and uncomfortable Clog through a posse of journalists.

It is now clear that while Clog was making pious noises about the national interest and the Tory moral right to form a Government, talks were already underway with Bottler Brown. What is not clear is whether Clog is the real Whig leader. There is growing evidence that he is being used as a Phony Blair type salesman to deflect attention while the real power in the Whig party is completing a very dirty deal with Bottler Brown.

At first glance it looks like Bottler is resigning but closer examination of the deal shows that the Whigs have agreed to let him linger on as Prime Minister for at least another five months and possibly longer. This they hope will give them the time to stitch up a Coalition of Losers, while the Labour Party anoints a new leader and forces a change of voting system through. The theory is that once the new voting system is in place and the propaganda teams have had time to market the new Labour Leader, there will be a new General Election sometime next year.

British voters would be forgiven for feeling that Bottler and Clog got the gold mine and the voters got the shaft.

The new voting system will enable politicians to rule without the voters having any ability to hold them to account – or at least that is the Brown Clog assumption. The reality may be very different.

If the current mess drags on and the British economy is damaged further, the UK Independence Party could become the real winners. At the last PR election for the European Parliament they achieved second place. In the first General Election under PR they could well become the largest party as the voters take revenge on the three failed old parties.

What is very clear is the Whigs and Labour are interested only in what they see as their own vested interests whatever it costs Britain. However, the worst laid plans could still come seriously unstuck with a vote of no confidence in Bottler Brown during the next few weeks and a further General Election a month later. The real tragedy is that Whig and Labour greed and dishonesty has probably destroyed all chance of stable government in Britain any time soon.

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