A Question for the Voters in Eastleigh


A Vote for any of the three old failed Parties is a vote to keep the pigs in clover

Do you want to strike a blow for freedom and accountability?


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The voters of Eastleigh could vote for any of the three old failed Parties and get exactly the same result, a continuation of corrupt, self-obsessed rule by a political elite that treats the voters with utter contempt.

To vote for Cameron’s LibCons, the Party that claimed the answer to the meaning of life was to wage war on taxpayers, particularly the elderly, and keep the AAA rating. The claim of Cameron is that he will offer a referendum on Europe when hell freezes over. This time his promise is not even ‘cast iron’. Then there is the claim he will repatriate powers from Brussels but not what those powers are. Brussels of course says it has no intention of releasing its control over the Westminster Parliament. The AAA rating has been lost and with it the main plank in Coalition claimed policy.

To vote for Clegg’s LibDems, the Party of sleaze and scandal, the real Nasty Party of British politics. Clegg is indecisive and treacherous. Any promise and any statement he makes is likely to be a lie. He is currently being pilloried for condoning sexual assault and presiding over a ten year cover up. His position is untenable and he should go, but his replacement would probably be Vince Cable who is a Labour supporter wedded to tax and spend that would rapidly reduce the British credit rating to ‘junk’ status.

To vote for Milliband’s National Socialists, the Party that created the huge economic problems that Britain has to deal with. The Milliband Balls mantra of cutting too far and too fast has been demonstrated as a blatant lie as Moodies slashed the British credit rating on the grounds that the Coalition was cutting too little too slowly. A vote for Milliband is a vote for economic disaster.



Diane James, UKIP Candidate for service to voters

Then again, the Eastleigh voters could vote for the UK Independence Party candidate who has set out a sane approach to serving the voters and shows every indication that she is competent and understands local issues – which is what a Westminster MP should understand.

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