A REALLY Inconvenient Truth


Al Gore, High Priest and Chief Propagandist for the Church of Global Warming

Denis Avery, agricultural analyst, and Fred Singer, climate physicist, have just written an illuminating new book “Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years”.

The authors have looked at the work of more than 500 other scientists who are doubtful about the claims of the Church of Global Warming, the fastest growing faith group in the world.

Al Gore claimed that ‘all’ scientist agree with the Church of Global Warming’s creed that global warming will destroy the world and its all the fault of humans, ignoring a long list of really inconvenient truths that present an entirely different reality.


Dave “the tosser within” Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party

Until recently, Global Warmers were seen as a bunch of sandal wearing weirdos who were looking for a new ’cause’ following the ending of the Cold War. During the last few years the number of failed politicians and rock stars joining the Church of Global Warming has increased from a trickle to a flood. Their numbers have been swelled by wannabe politicians hoping to find some easy votes.

Its like the folk tale of the Emperor’s Clothes where it became unacceptable not to claim to be able to see the ‘invisible clothes’. Avery and Singer are like the small boy who realized that the Emperor was naked.

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