A Saudi Running Mate in 2012


Beleaguered Kenyan President Hussein Obama has followed a bizarre path in recent weeks. He has been photographed swimming in what he claimed was a totally polluted Mexican Gulf. There was an absence of the oil that he claimed BP had covered Gulf waters in. Then he supported the construction of a mosque and Bin Laden commemoration at the site of the destroyed World Trade Centre in New York.


One American hoping to run for President in 2012 against Obama and bring the Presidency home to the US described Obama’s support of a mosque at the 9/11 site as akin to placing a swastika in Israel or a Japanese cultural centre at Pearl Harbour.

There is a story that Obama is planning to take a Saudi as running mate for the 2012 elections. It is unlikely to by Osama Bin Laden because he is now believed to be dead, but it is suggested that a member of his family is in a position to satisfy US requirements at least as well as Hussein Obama in respect to claimed nationality at birth.

Hussein Obama has presented himself as a Christian, but now 25% of Americans firmly believe that he is Muslim and a decreasing number, 34, now believe he is Christian. If this trend in belief continues to 2012, some 74% of Americans will believe him to be Muslim as he tries to run for a second term. In increasing number of Americans also believe that he did not satisfy the criteria as a first or subsequent generation American when he originally stood and won the US Presidency.

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