A sign of economic recovery, just in time for Christmas


Twice as many small businesses to close for the long festive break

Over a third (42%) of small business owners in the UK will be shutting their doors for more than a week over the Christmas period, according to a survey by XLN Business Services.




When asked “How many days are you planning to take off over the Christmas period”, 29% of small business owners said they would be shutting down their business for 0-2 days compared with 42% who said they would be closing completely for more than 6 days over the Christmas period. This figure is double the figures from last Christmas which showed 24.4% of small business owners were closing for 6 or more days over Christmas.

“Our research shows more small business owners are taking a longer, well-earned break or more off over the festive period this year,” said Christian Nellemann, CEO of XLN Business Services. “A good few sales weeks at the end of November and the Christmas rush, including a successful Small Business Saturday and Black Friday, shows business owners are happy to take a longer break over the festive period to recharge catch-up on paperwork and spend time with their families.”

The question about Christmas was part of XLN’s 2013 British Business Survey. For full results of the survey, please see: https://www.xlntelecom.co.uk/resources/survey/October_Q3_2013_Survey.pdf

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