A Striking Contrast


HM The Queen, surrounded by the Royal Yachtsmen and their families, received a copy of the Official History of the Royal Yacht Britannia in 2003, a vessel that gave sterling service to Britain, prematurely retired by the Blair Brown Regime in an earlier attempt to minimize the role of HM The Queen.

HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary in 2007. After 60 years of marriage, most couples enjoy a party with friends and family to mark this event which so few couples manage to achieve. Unfortunately, the original date set aside well in advance clashed with a Commonwealth Meeting. Once again, as so often in a long career as Monarch, Her Majesty decided to arrange a belated party in 2008, to fit in with her duties as Head of State of the United Kingdom. This event was to be a private function, paid for with private money, at the Ritz. It is difficult to imagine that anyone would grudge this hardworking octogenarian couple such a celebration. However, it has been announced that Her Majesty has decided that it would not be appropriate to go ahead with the celebration when the United Kingdom is poised on the edge of a full blown recession which may prove deeper even than the 1929 financial turmoil. Her strong sense of duty will not let her party while Britons are losing their homes and their savings.

What a wonderful and selfless example for a public figure to set !!!!


Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect, “Bottler” Brown and his glove puppet “Dobbin” Darling have proved singularly incompetent navigators. Under their inept control Britain is poised on the brink of financial melt-down while they cruise on in their own parallel universe, having totally lost the plot.

Meanwhile in a parallel universe, many, many light years away, Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect, “Bottler” Brown is still claiming to have abolished boom and bust for ever, that the current financial melt-down is just a minor blip caused by Johnny Foreigner ( and nothing to do with his decade of profligate spending and waste ), that the sun always shines on Britain and winter has been abolished, that the NHS is a magnificent achievement of perfection where stories of rising death tolls at insanitary, ill-managed, target-obsessed, hospital trusts are anecdotal, that the brave workers of the 385th Tractor Co-operative have again exceeded all targets, that Britain under national socialism has solved every problem known to man. Once again Blair Brown Regime spin doctors have been busy trying to present “Bottler’s” wife as First Lady, a post already so admirably and frugally occupied by the British Head of State, HM The Queen.


Speaker Martin is once again resorting to high cost lawyers – at, of course, public expense – to hide the extent of the Parliamentary gravy train.

Even for the scandal beset Blair Brown Regime, “Gorbals Mick”, the worst Speaker ever to occupy the post in the long history of British Parliament, is once again exposed. It seems that Gorbals has spent more than £1.7 million on his own aggrandizement from the public purse, this follows on from his wife spending thousands on taxis to take her and a friend shopping, thousands claimed for a second home, and the hundreds of thousands of pounds spent by Gorbals trying to escape the Freedom of Information legislation in an effort to save himself and his fellow national socialists from exposure for flagrant abuse of public funds.

Its occasions like this when British citizens might regret not having a Queen’s Party to vote for, in the hope that its politicians would follow the many honourable examples set by HM The Queen.

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