A Very Dirty Campaign by the Three Old Failed Parties


Is Cameron Really This Clueless?

Dave “U-Turn” Cameron has just tried retracting his unintentional endorsement of the UK Independence Party.


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In a first attempt to distance himself from the National Socialist attach on the UK Independence Party, Cameron retracted his earlier attempt the smear UKIP supporters as racists and mentally unstable individuals. He is now attempting once more to smear UKIP and UKIP supporters as racists, having realized that UKIP is the greatest threat to the LibCons winning at the next General Election.

The irony is that this latest smear attack shows just how big a threat UKIP is to the LibCons and how far UKIP policies are in advance of the LibCons and their LibDem running dogs. One commentator has speculated today that had the UK Independence Party won the 2010 General Election, the Great Britain would already have been powering to full economic recovery.

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