A Very Strange Election

Kerry McCarthy under police investigation

The 2010 British General Election is proving to be a very strange affair. “Bottler” Brown may have sunk any remaining chances of Labour holding power in any form after he was caught out abusing a pensioner. Labour MPs have been expelled for some very stupid Twitter and Facebook postings, and one Labour MP is under police investigation for a serious offense under the electoral laws.

“Bottler” Brown shot himself in both feet. Having met an ordinary member of the public (very rare event for him during this campaign) he turned what might have been an unremarkable conversation into a major scandal. The pensioner, on her way to buy a loaf of bread (major achievement for Labour that pensioners can still afford a loaf of bread after twelve years of “Bottler’s” economic vandalism) stumbled across the “Bottler” at a photo opportunity. She was invited to meet the Dear Leader and asked a number of very balanced and reasonable questions, not questions that “Bottler” wanted to hear but the conversation appeared to end amicably. He got into his armoured car and it all fell apart because he was still attached to a radio mic. His subsequent explosion was recorded and widely broadcast. Amidst sounds of him punching a seat or a member of staff he gratuitously insulted the pensioner and tried blaming his staff. When confronted on a radio interview with the taped recording of his explosion he realized what had happened and immediately and genuinely regretted being caught out. He then apparently telephoned the pensioner to offer an apology that was not accepted. His spin doctors then organized a panic drive to the pensioner’s home to make a personal apology in an attempt to limit the damage. His motorcade swept into the street to be met by the world’s press. He went into the pensioner’s home but she declined to come out when he left. We only have his devalued word that she accepted his apology.

After Blair debased the office of Prime Minister it was difficult to believe that it could be further debased. However, “Bottler” has revealed himself as a world class debaser and brought what should be an honourable office to the gutter.

What was extraordinary was that he should have made such a humiliating display in front of the world press. When he came out of the pensioner’s home he had that strange fixed grin that seems to appear at the most inappropriate moments. It is almost exactly the same as the grin on the Joker’s face in the Batman stories. What was even more extraordinary was that Cabinet Ministers tried to distance themselves from him and some even condemned his behaviour. He was then forced to issue a groveling message to his candidates and election teams. What was most extraordinary was that he managed on the following day to score 24% in the final of three Britain’s Got Politics tv reality shows, demonstrating that he can still fool some of the people most of the time.

With a campaign in melt down it will be very interesting to see what actually happens next week at the real election.

The number of Labour MPs coming a cropper over Internet social networking sites is a further lesson that politicians still have not fully understood new technologies. The most serious posting was a flagrant breach of election law and Bristol City Council called in the police to investigate and prosecute.

Labour is now desperately trying to find its core voters. The Lies about Conservative election promises, that “Bottler” claimed to know nothing about are now a key element of the Labour campaign.

What makes the election campaign really weird is that it has been largely avoiding the critical economic issues and the immigration issue that continues to show in opinion polls as being second only to the economy in importance to voters.

All that has emerged is that Labour and the LibDems hope to be able to hang on to power in a hung Parliament with the economic policy that standing on the edge of a dangerous cliff created by “Bottler’s” incompetence, they hope to link arms and take a dramatic step forward.

The Conservatives have at least offered a realistic assessment that the only way to avoid bankruptcy is to begin cutting the monumental waste that has categorized the years of Blair Brown Regime incompetence to get public debt under control. They are hampered by not knowing just how bad the real situation is and they will only know that if they form the next Government and can look through the Blair Brown Regime’s books. Worryingly it is beginning to look as through “Bottler” has hidden a host of bad news and that, like Greece, the real debt will prove to be much greater than anyone currently expects.

The Governor of the Bank of England has given the game away by claiming this week that the incoming Government will become so hated that it will not hold office again for several generations. He may not know where all the skeletons are hidden but he probably has the best idea outside the Blair Brown Regime criminals.

But its not necessarily all gloom and doom. Those old enough to remember how the Wilson Government and its LibDem allies crashed out in economic disaster, will remember that much the same doom and gloom preceded the Thatcher Conservative Government. She certainly faced a serious challenge but she turned the country around in a dramatic revolution, setting the foundations for the golden economic legacy left by the last Conservative Chancellor that was then ruthlessly squandered by “Bottler”.

It can be done again

What is required is substantial change, looking at the challenges and opportunities with fresh eyes from a different perspective, moving from Big Government to what Conservative Leader Cameron is calling Big Society. It remains to be seen if he can get voters to understand the great opportunities of Big Society in the remaining days before votes are cast.

The Big Society is as revolutionary as the concepts Thatcher introduced when saving Britain from the last Labour LibDem disaster, and yet in many respects it goes back to the strengths of the way Britain once was, where people were accountable and honourable, before Blair and Brown made the liar and the criminal kings with unaccountable bureaucrats becoming the masters and lining their pockets with public money


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