Abandoning Britain to the North Sea


Huge area of Eastern England to be abandoned

Cash-strapped Blair Brown Regime found one decision that was really easy. The question was – “should they divert money from their electoral heartlands in the North to a part of England that traditionally votes for the Conservatives?”

Bit of a no brainer really!!!!!!!

The answer was to keep moving money North to where their voting heartlands lie and abandon a large part of Eastern England to the North Sea – no point in wasting money where there are no votes for the Regime – Zano PF take note.

Unfortunately, a decision to allow the sea to take over does not just affect the area of land shown in the map above. This only shows the minimum area to be sacrificed on current mean sea levels. Storm surges would see much larger and heavily populated areas flooded several times each year. If computer predictions prove accurate, an even larger area will be permanently flooded. Ahead of that point, property prices would be blighted and many East Anglians would face dramatic increases in the cost of insurance.

Even in the minimum area of permanent flooding, the story is dire. The area is part of the Broads national park area, a unique environment of rivers, ancient artificial lakes, and wetlands, home to large numbers of bird species and an important stop over for migrating birds. The area is also home to many other animal, insect and fish species. The area has survived because it became a very popular boating area from the 1890s and has encouraged the establishment of a network of businesses that support this important tourist industry and help to pay the conservation costs to maintain the habitat.

Beyond the primary area of inundation, lies important farmland which has been a major grain and meat producer and is now being converted to produce fuel for vehicles. Already an area of low annual rainfall, abandonment of sea defences potentially threatens fresh water supplies for drinking and irrigation.

The unknown factor is what will happen to the rest of the coastline and the areas inland. Once the sea is allowed through the existing defences, it will continue to attack the land behind, rapidly creating a series of islands which will be reduced in size over the years. The probable eventual outcome is that Eastern England will become an unpopulated wasteland as the road and rail infrastructure is destroyed, with the supply of potable water and disposal of sewage being similarly affected.

Still, – What’s another disaster for a Regime that has presided over the Northern Rock disaster, the loss of millions of records containing personal and sensitive information of British citizens, agricultural epidemics, the war in Iraq, the melt-down of the property market, Heathrow Terminal 5, and a seemingly endless list of catastrophic failures?








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