Action for the week of June 28th: Flag/sign waving on Tuesday, & more!

Fans holding US Flags and cheering while watching match in stadium.

This Tuesday, June 29th, is the date of our nationwide, pre-Independence Day, United We Stand sign/flag waving events!

It is really, really easy to set up a sign/flag wave event! Use our simple to follow guide, and in five easy steps, you can have one put together, just like that! In fact, you can organize one in about 20 minutes.


Also, please check out the dates and locations of FEC United’s American tour with Pastor Artur Pawlowski, the pastor from Canada who has been arrested for simply trying to hold services!


Action items for this week include:

  • Set up or attend a June 29th, United We Stand sign/flag waving event
  • Sign up to attend a school board meeting in July
  • Register for a webinar about lobbying the education bureaucracy
  • Download and share our anti-Critical Race Theory toolkit
  • Reminders and other sign up forms

See below for details!


Note: in order to share any links, simply open the link, and copy the URL address, and then paste it wherever it is that you are sharing it.

Get Ready for Tuesday’s Sign/Flag Waving Events

If you already have an event planned or know which one you are attending, that’s great! If you do not have one to attend, I implore you to take the leap and set one up yourself! Use our  United We Stand sign/flag waving guide to help you plan it. I promise it won’t take much of your time and you will end up feeling really happy that you did it.


Don’t forget to email us pictures and videos at afterward!

Last week, S.1, better known as the Corrupt Politicians Act, died in the Senate. Democrats’ attempted power-grab was defeated when they were unable to find 10 Republican Senators willing to go along with their tyrannical plan.


Senate Republicans won the battle over S.1, but the war over election integrity has just begun. Democrats are preparing more attacks on the security of our elections that the GOP must stand strong against — most of them being the “For the People Act” simply re-packaged.


A piece of legislation that Ted Cruz described as the “single most dangerous piece of legislation” in Congress.

Attend a July School Board Meeting

It’s almost July! Please sign up and commit to attending the July school board meeting in your district. Our toolkit to help you with this has been written and is now in the design phase, so be on the lookout for that resource!


In the meantime, you can use this list of items to research, so that you have the information you need to attend the meeting (like where and when do they next meet?).


Remember, you do not need to have children in the local public schools to attend or speak at a meeting! You have every right to be there and speak out, whether or not you have children and they attend public schools.


The American people are not staying silent as Critical Race Theory (CRT) begins creeping into our public school system…


Over the past few weeks, concerned parents across the nation have come out against the racist ideology that threatens to re-shape our education system — threatening to turn K-12 schools into nothing more than far-left indoctrination centers.


We are proud to stand with brave parents in this fight against real racism, not the mythical “systemic racism” that Democrats attempt to hide their radical policy proposals behind.


Learn more about how to fight back against anti-American CRT.

Concerned Women for America’s Webinar:
Lobbying the Education Bureaucracy

Thursday, July 8 – 4 p.m. EDT


Navigating and influencing the education bureaucracy can be very confusing and somewhat intimidating. It is vital to know when and how to approach your local and state school boards. This webinar will teach citizen activists effective techniques on how to go before school boards, state committees, or teacher groups with pressing concerns in order to cause change. You will walk away knowing you can make positive changes for your children and the community.


After nearly 100 days of inaction, Kamala Harris finally visited the southern border last week…not out of concern for the national emergency known as the Biden Border Crisis though.


The only reason Harris went to the Southern Border was a too little, too late attempt to save face, after President Trump announced that if Harris wasn’t going to see the effects of the crisis, he would. The Biden Administration saw the writing on the wall and knew their inaction would be exposed if President Trump went to the border before them.


So, Harris went, not out of concern for our nation, but out of concern for her own image. It was nothing more than a PR trip, as the New York posts explains “hundreds of miles from the actual crisis.”

Reminders: Sign up forms and research to do

Eternal Vigilance Project

If you haven’t yet signed up for the Eternal Vigilance Project, please sign up this week! There are two levels available. Sign up at the links below.



Running for Local Office

If you’re interested in running for local office, especially if you’d like to run in the 2022 election, now is the time to let us know because you must get trained in 2021!



Nationwide Summer Events

The grassroots approved the upcoming events listed below, and the sooner you get yours planned, the better your events will be! Please fill out the form letting us know whether you will organize or attend these summer events.


Watch The Red White + Blueprint docuseries