Action Weekend in Thanet


Here we go, Friend —

This is the last weekend before Britain goes to the polls, and we need ALL HANDS ON DECK if we are going to deliver the shock to the political establishment that we’ve all been working tirelessly towards.

We’ve got them on the run, now let’s show them just what the People’s Army can do when we work together.

If you can, Friend, please come to South Thanet this weekend, for two days of action, contacting voters, and convincing them of why they need UKIP MPs in the House of Commons. It’s the final weekend of campaigning so we must make it count. Keep an eye out for other messages about how you can help some of our key seats in the run up to Polling Day.

We will also be looking for helpers in South Thanet in the final few days of the campaign including Polling Day so do let me know what days you can give to the campaign by emailing the team in Thanet.


We’ll be starting at 10am on Saturday and Sunday, at our office: 21 King Street, Ramsgate, CT11 8NP, which is just a few minutes from Ramsgate station by cab, or car.
E-mail to: to let us know you’re coming.

There are plenty of great hotels and restaurants if you’re staying over.

So come to South Thanet this weekend, Friend, and help make British political history.


Thank you,

Nigel Farage

Leader of the UK Independence Party

P.S.I know many of you are busy, but I would personally, greatly appreciate it if you can help us get over the line here. It would help a LOT if you bring a car!

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