Alert: Help us keep Pelosi out of Texas

Texas Conservatives: Chip has a MAJOR deadline at the end of the month. Let’s fight back against the radical left’s deep pockets >>

Chip is in a real battle here, folks.

Nancy Pelosi has painted a big bullseye over his district and she will stop at nothing to make sure that he is no longer around to fight her on the biggest issues.

Chip is a true patriot, and he stands by his convictions no matter the consequence. He’s taken the Swamp head-on in Washington.

Unfortunately, when you fight back against the establishment, you make some enemies.

Enter Wendy Davis.

Davis caught the eye of Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic swamp machine when she filibustered in favor of late-term abortion on the Texas Senate floor several years ago. The radical left fell in love. They’re even making a MOVIE about her!

So Pelosi, along with Elizabeth Warren and other radical liberals in Washington have brought the weight of the deep pockets of the coastal elites from Boston and San Francisco to try and sweep conservatives like Chip out of office in favor of a Pelosi rubber-stamp like Wendy Davis.

Chip has his biggest FEC deadline of the year coming up on June 30th. The money flowing into Davis’s campaign has her solidly ahead of him, and he needs to bring in at least $10,989 every day for the rest of the quarter just to match that. But frankly, he’s going to need a lot more than that.

Will you help Chip close the gap on Pelosi’s money machine and gain some ground on Wendy Davis by donating $25, $50, $100, $250 or even $500 before his deadline at the end of the month?

Chip suspended his fundraising back in March to address the fallout from the Coronavirus. What did Wendy Davis do? She ramped up her fundraising efforts and then attacked Chip in the process.

This is yet another reason why she has such a significant financial advantage.

We’ve got to hold this seat for conservatives. Will you help us by donating anything you can to help my friend Chip Roy continue fighting for our values in the halls of Congress?

For Texas,

Senator Ted Cruz

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