All At Sea and Sinking Fast


How the Sunday Express cartoonist saw it

Is this Bottler Brown’s VISION? Latest polls show that Scottish Prime Minister Bottler Brown and Scottish Chancellor Darling are now regarded as less competent than John Major and Norman Lamont, but less funny than two other clowns, Laurel and Hardy.

The Blair Brown regime was founded on a very successful trashing of the reputations of Prime Minister Major and his ERM disaster Chancellor Lamont.

The irony of the Major Administration was that Lamont’s successor Clarke turned the British economy round and created the golden legacy that the Blair Brown regime has spent a decade destroying. After the ERM Disaster, the Major Administration suffered one problem after another and the Blair-led Opposition took delight in exploiting that situation.

Now it seems that what goes around comes around and Bottler Brown is on the receiving end. The sad part is that the real losers are the British people.

BSD Newsdesk

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