AOC: Easier For Me To Get into Congress Than Pay off My Student Loan Debt

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AOC: Easier For Me To Get into Congress Than Pay off My Student Loan Debt

AOC thinks her generation shouldn’t have to pay off their student loans. Bless her heart.

Two Women Go On Record About What E. Jean Carroll Told Them About Alleged Trump Assault

Supreme Court Blocks Trump Administration’s Citizenship Question in Census Case

News the liberal media doesn’t want you to see


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NYC’s De Blasio Is Endangering Lives and Insulting the Police Department

In yet another insult to the dedicated men and women of the New York Police Department — and one that will endanger NYC’s public school students — Mayor Bill de Blasio (shown above, beside President Donald Trump) will limit the circumstances in which police can enter New York public schools, as New York’s Daily News …

Ilhan Omar’s Ideological Attacks on Two Christian Pastors

Congressional hearings are a fixture in Washington and are supposedly a tool for investigation by the nation’s lawmaking body. Unfortunately, too often when Democrats are in charge, it’s not the case. Rather than hearings being a means for seeking facts and information, they become just a platform for politicking by members of the majority party and a forum for attacking those whose views they don’t like.

Alyssa Milano Takes Chauffeur-Driven Mercedes To Detention Center, Tries To Enter. It Doesn’t Work.

Barack Obama’s ICE Chief: Don’t Blame Trump, ‘Cages’ For Illegals Were Built By Obama Administration