are you thirsty for liberal tears in Nov.?

Hey, do you remember how fun it was to watch the news on election night in 2016? Will you help me make sure that watching the news in November is even more fun in 2020??

You and I are one step closer to making that happen, by the way: Last week, our grassroots Nationwide Leadership Council approved our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) plan! This is great news because I want to start the work early this year – there is just too much at stake to wait! And, now that our grassroots activists have approved the plan, the only thing I need to get it rolling is you!


If you want to: Take back the House from radical liberals, protect the Supreme Court by holding the Senate, and let President Trump work on keeping America great for four more years, then keep reading about the plan the grassroots approved!


Below is an overview of the GOTV activities you can support with a gift of $25 or $50 right now:

  • Handwritten notes and postcards to voters in critical states who only came out to vote for President Trump in 2016 – we will ask them to come out and vote again!
  • GOTV text messages to these 2016-only Trump voters who use cell phones.
  • GOTV phone calls to senior citizens that are more likely to pick up a phone than use text messaging.
  • Recruit volunteers in the 31 congressional districts that voted for President Trump in 2016, but put Democrat in Congress in 2018. We can take back the House with these voters!
  • And more!

And, keep an eye on your email for the detailed plans because I want you involved in all the fun stuff we roll out over the next few weeks.


Let’s Keep America Great together!


Jenny Beth Martin