Bad Teachers Can’t Teach


Trade Unions position themselves to fight Government attempts to improve education in Britain

The British Coalition Government is trying to get to grips with a raft of Blair Brown Regime failures. A daunting task that has never been faced by a new Government in Britain before. The closest was the Thatcher Administration that took two terms to sort out the mess left by the previous Labour Governments of Wilson and Callaghan. Tough though that was, the economy and society had not been trashed as comprehensively as under the Blair Brown Regime. Education has suffered at least as badly as other parts of public service.


Predictably, the Trade Union dinosaurs have started to squeal loudly as the first sensible steps are taken to turn around Britain’s failed education system.

The headline failures have been in the GCSE examination system. A generation of children have been betrayed by the Blair Brown Regime preoccupation with propaganda that has seen dumbing-down of the GCSE certification system to the point where more children are achieving large numbers of passes at the highest grade but can no longer read, write or handle numbers properly. The only way to address this issue is to produce or adopt a completely new system that encourages pupils to develop all of the basic skills of literacy and numeracy, with certificates identifying the outstanding students from the average. As it will take time to introduce new and effective qualification systems, and for pupils to reach the point of examination, many thousands of children are condemned to suffer under the old system. Their hardship may become all the more difficult as pupils graduate under the new system and employers seek to overlook those who completed their education under the old failed system.

As a continuation of the process of distorting education for propaganda, the Blair Brown Regime decided to skew University education by attempting to achieve a 50% rate for pupils moving from secondary to university education, with universities being forced to take the least academic pupils, with the lowest achievement at secondary education, over high achieving students. This was a naked attempt at social engineering and is resulting in large numbers of young people graduating with large debts and little prospect of achieving well paid employment.

Further education is due to receive a major shake up. This will also take time and thousands of young people will continue to suffer from the failures of the Blair Brown Regime.

The new Coalition Government is in the unenviable position of being limited in what they can do in the current economic situation. The creation of a growing number of Free Schools and Academies, outside the dead hand bureaucratic control of Local Education Authorities, and the replacement of the debased GCSE examination system, will eventually provide the changes needed to improve the process of selection for Further Education, but will take up to eight years to work through to the selection point. In the meantime, social engineering targets could be removed to allow Universities to select on merit, and degree courses could be reviewed to remove those courses that result in worthless degree qualifications.

In the longer term, the new Government will have to undertake a complete review of further education. Technical training has been seriously neglected in Britain and, with the progressive death of trade apprenticeships, there is an urgent need to address this dangerous weakness. Once again, trade unions are positioning themselves to obstruct this essential restoration of education.


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