Bahrain Dismantles Terrorist Cells: 20 Individuals Arrested,Including 4 Women





Manama, 21 February 2017: Following a spate of terrorist activity in the Kingdom that included the Jau Prison attack and jail break on 1 January 2017 in which one policeman was killed and others injured, the shooting of a police officer in Bani Jamra on 14 January, as well as the ambush and murder of First Lt. Hisham Al Hammadi at his private property on the 29th of the same month, Bahrain’s security forces began wide-ranging investigations to find and arrest those responsible for these and other related crimes.

The successful extensive joint-security operation involving the Kingdom’s security bodies and relevant agencies that resulted in the interception of several Jau Prison escapees on a vessel at sea during the early hours of February 9th attempting to flee to Iranian waters and another operation on the same day in relation to the two other incidents mentioned above,  led to the dismantling of a number of terrorist cells and the arrest of 20 persons belonging to them, including 4 women.

Chief of Public Security, Tariq al-Hassan, spoke at a press conference held on the day of the 9 February operation noting that the Ministry of Interior revealed details of the operation as part of its commitment to protecting citizens’ security and keeping the public informed about the level of terrorist threat in the Kingdom. He added that there would be some ongoing security operations.

These operations were successfully carried out between 9-19 February, resulting in the arrest of the aforementioned 20 wanted individuals. The four women among the arrestees were charged with aiding and abetting fugitives.

Evidence indicates that one of the arrestees was involved in the murder of First-Lt Al Hamadi in Bilad Al Qadeem on January 29.

Two of the arrestees were involved in setting up covert bomb-making factories and warehouses. Further investigation revealed that eight of the arrestees had received military training on arms and the use of explosives in Iran and Iraq.

The arrestees who were involved in executing the Jau Prison jailbreak and sheltering fugitives are (in order, right to left):

1-      Sadiq Ahmed Mansoor Ahmed, 27 years

2-      Amira Mohammed Saleh Abduljalil, 35 years

3-      Faten Abdulhussain Ali Nasser, 41 years

4-      Hameeda Juma Ali Abdullah, 40 years

5-      Mona Habib Adrees Saleh, 46 years

6-      Mohammed Saleh Abduljalil Ahmed, 65 years

7-      Abdulshaheed Ahmed Ali Al Shaikh, 37 years

8-      Ahmed Hassan Redhi, 23 years

9-      Abulfadhel Mohammed Saleh Abduljalil, 24 years

Al Dair group, involved in various terrorist crimes:

1-      Jaffar Naji Ramadhan Ali Humaidan, 22 years

2-      Yousif Hassan Mohammed Hassan, 22 years

3-      Ali Hassan Abdulali Hamaad, 30 years

4-      Mohsen Ahmed Ali Al Naham, 24 years

5-      Mohammed Hassan Abdali Al Naham, 46

Arrestees involved in various terrorist cases:

1-      Ahmed Isa Ahmed Isa Al Mulali, 23, confessed to murdering officer Hisham Al Hamadi, saying he was assigned to do so by Hussain Dawood who escaped to Iraq.

2-      Ahmed Ali Ahmed Yousif, 20, created covert warehouse of explosive in his house

3-      Salman Mohammed Salman Mansoor, 31, provided satellite phones to assist the escape  of fugitives

4-       Hussain Mohammed Salman Mansoor, 36, provided satellite phones to assist the escape  of fugitives

5-      Hussain Isa Ahmed Ali Al Shaer, 34, received military training in Iran

6-      Hani Younis Yousif Ali, 21, assisted with another suspected in setting up secret warehouse of explosives.