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As staff prepared for political acts, the case for the continuation of the BBC is no longer black and white

BBC workers are planning to blackout news of the Conservative Party Conference and the presentation of the Spending Review in two 48 hour strikes. This could prove an own goal


The Blair Brown Communications (formerly the British Broadcasting Corporation), has provided a propaganda service to the national socialists. This has been a factor of BBC broadcasting since the 1960s and the current Director has admitted that BBC political coverage and support for Climate Fraudsters has been institutionally biased (i.e. a political propaganda service). BBC executives are now beginning to worry that their privileged lavish lifestyles could be under threat as a result of this bias, and have begun the process sucking up to the Coalition Government, but news and political coverage continues to be heavily biased towards national socialism and climate fraud.

By blacking out news coverage of the Conservative Party Conference and the presentation of the critical Public Spending Review, BBC workers will be removing an anti-Government bias that could result in the Conservatives and the Coalition Government receiving a fairer coverage by the media.

Although the Conservatives and the Coalition Government could gain from what is intended as a political attack on them by BBC personnel, the question is raised: “Is it now time to remove the television and radio licensing system and to breakup the BBC, prior to selling the parts off?”

When radio broadcasting was begun, the licensing system provided funding for the BBC monopoly and provided for Parliamentary control of broadcasting in Britain. It was a very successful system until the 1950s and established a world wide reputation for BBC integrity and accuracy in its news commentaries. With the development of television, and the introduction of commercial broadcasting competition, the BBC replaced integrity with national socialist bias.

Today, the BBC has developed a very large commercial operation outside radio and television broadcasting and developed a reputation for monumental waste and extravagance.

A number of studies duration the last decade have observed that Government subsidy of “public broadcasting”, using money raised in taxation in the form of licenses to listen and view broadcasts, is no longer well served by the BBC. If Government feels that some form of subsidy is necessary in the interests of supporting minority groups and interests, it would be better to remove the license system, take money from general taxation, and award it to all broadcasters. The most recent reports question the need for State subsidy of broadcasting when the Internet is beginning to replace many of the key roles of broadcasting, changing the way that programmes are made and distributed.

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