Best Served Cold


Like revenge, any “Bottler” Brown announcements are best served cold, giving the souffle of lies a chance to collapse.

During the last week he has claimed to save the world (yet again) and to have saved Afghanistan.

His latest claim to have saved the world comes on the conclusion of the G20 bean feast in London at the appropriately neo-Stalinist Excel Centre in the heart of East London waste land.

The real stars of the G20 were the Obamas. Whether or not any real financial benefit comes out of the very costly talking shop remains to be seen.

“Bottler” claims that under his “leadership” the other less intelligent G20 leaders have agreed to a massive reflationary spend that will kick-start the stalling global economy. He claims that One Trillion Dollars of fund injection were agreed.

Had the claim been true, it would have needed to be put into perspective. The entire sum could discharge the total of personal debt in the UK which is one contributory factor to the financial crisis. Unfortunately that would not leave anything for any other country and a growing number are now coming perilously close to bankruptcy.

Even more unfortunately, the claim was a classic “Bottler” lie which took a significantly more modest aspiration, blended it with a number of old, pre-G20 meeting, spends and announcements, claiming it was all new money agreed in London.

We hear a lot today about “aspirations” so what does the term mean?

An “aspiration” is politicospeak for “I have absolutely no intention of doing XXXXX but I think the suggestion that I might consider doing XXXXX will win me a few extra votes at home and allow me to ride out the depression at the expense of taxpayers”.

So the G20 was classic “Bottler” spin – what about the claim of world ‘peace in our time’?

This claim was based on “Bottlers” belief that he also leads NATO and had an amazingly successful meeting where European NATO members, who have been sitting on their hands over sending troops to Afghanistan, have agreed to send thousands of troops out and not just to join the token French and German troops in partying in Kabul but to actually engage in battle. “Bottlers” Defence Minister somewhat let the spin doctors down by admitting that maybe a few hundred troops might be sent to help train Afghan police or count supplies, but he still had hopes that one day Europe would pull its weight (possibly when Hell freezes over).

So the retrospect is a week of vintage “Bottler” propaganda from his new home on the Planet Zarg in a parallel universe far far away.

Dan X

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