Beyond Copenhagen

The disclosure of secret emails between scientists at the University of East Anglia has confirmed the fears of the global majority that the claims of Global Warming have been a gigantic scam. This is most unfortunate and is being made worse with attempts by Global Warmers to spin the situation, claiming its all a conspiracy by the former Soviet KGB.

Every age has its “The World is Doomed” fanatics. Each group predicts the end of the world is on hand, citing religious text, scientific theories, or just making an attempt to create a new sect. Often, they hijack something that is real and needs debating, possibly to be followed by action.

During thirty years the Church of Global Warming has grown and thrived on distortions and the suppression of inconvenient facts. The most inconvenient fact is that any attempt to alter climate by human actions requires some very tough decisions that will not be discussed in Copenhagen because of political fear.

Recent evidence appears to confirm the thoughts of a growing number of scientists that the Earth is actually cooling and heading towards a new Ice Age. There is a very real prospect that the Church of Global Warming will soon attempt to become the Church of Global Cooling, advancing exactly the same claims and alleged remedies that they have spent thirty years peddling as panaceas for the alleged process of Global Warming. That holds out the unpalatable prospect of another thirty years of politicians attempting to extort more taxes justified as “Saving the Planet”, but taking no effective steps to tackle very real issues that need attention.

Whether the Earth is warming or cooling, can be investigated by scientists taking measurements, honestly reporting the results in full so that everyone can see what they really found, attempting to improve our knowledge of climate history, investigating the major natural influences on the climate, within the atmosphere and in space beyond, and attempting to build more effective computer modeling systems, but treating computer models with reasonable caution.

In the meantime there are some very real and pressing issues to address.

The greatest impact of human activity is not due to the actions of any small specific group of people, but from the overwhelming growth of global population. This is a politically difficult issue to address because the potential solutions are highly contentious.

Population numbers can be controlled in a number of ways, used by humans to control the numbers of other animals. The most rapid and effective solution is a cull. Only rabid dictators cheerfully contemplate genocide which is repellent to most sane people. Birth control is the most widely acceptable solution, but it takes time to achieve results and forced birth control is as unacceptable to most individuals as genocide. That only leaves the option of letting nature take the tough decisions.

Natural destruction is only acceptable if the news media does not report the consequences. Many areas, producing the greatest growth in population, are the poorest parts of the world. They receive huge amounts of aid from the wealthy countries, but even this massive assistance is insufficient to deal with the needs for shelter, food, clean water, medical aid. The result is that wealthy countries and individuals tend to direct assistance to the most reported disasters, producing an erratic support for any particular area of the world.

The irony is that massive aid to poor countries not only addresses some of the immediate problems of drought or famine, but helps the population to increase, creating the next emergency requirement for aid.

For these reasons, one thing that will not feature large at Copenhagen is population growth.

What can be achieved is logical efforts to reduce the consumption of raw resources, reduce pollution, directing aid and government resources to dealing with the effects of climate changes. Man has so far managed to survive many extreme fluctuations in climatic conditions, far beyond even the most hysterical claims for temperature variation from the Church of Global Warming. In the Twenty First Century, man is even better equipped to address the effects of climate changes than he was forty thousand years ago.

The well-tested process is to attempt to improve the ability of man to exist in less benevolent environments, and to withdraw from those areas that are no longer practical. Historically, the discovery of fire and tools, and the ability to produce clothing and buildings, has allowed man to occupy areas that would otherwise be uninhabitable. As the Netherlands has demonstrated for centuries, man can build sea defences to hold back rising water levels. When areas become warmer, some may no longer support the growing of some crops, but other areas will be able to grow those crops for the first time.

What has to change very quickly is the practice of legislators to encourage wasteful growth that makes unnecessary use of packaging and transportation, that produces unnecessary pollution. Historically, man has attempted to build larger entities in the form of governments and commercial undertakings, reducing accountability. One very achievable step is to look again at mega corporations and Big Government, to reduce the mountains of over-legislation and the enormous waste of bureaucracies in commerce and in government.

Sadly, the flat-earthers and snake oil salesmen in Copenhagen will avoid the real issues and attempt to reposition the deck chairs on the Titanic, taking every advantage of each photo-opportunity to grandstand and make wild claims and promises that will then be quickly forgotten.


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