BFS Bullet-in-Foot Syndrome?


Dave ‘the-tosser-within’ Cameron, Leader of Blue Labour

Has Dave just shot himself in the foot? or is it a cunning plan for Party domination?

Tony Blair achieved power by persuading a large part of the electorate that they were really voting for someone very different. Proving that ‘you can fool most of the people, most of the time’, he got away with it for ten years.

Dave Cameron may have come up with an equally brilliant plan to persuade people who would have voted for him that he is not the person they really want to vote for.

So what’s it all about?

Seems that Blue Labour will not build any more Grammar Schools if it wins power. Dave has not said he will close the surviving Grammar Schools, or outlaw selection by examination – just that Grammar Schools may have passed their sell-by date.

Big Deal!!

Under the Blair/Brown regime, billions have been poured into education but State Education has been failing. Reality is that most Comprehensive Schools fail miserably, Grammar Schools fail, the private sector is not much better, and Blair/Brown national socialist councils are determined to close schools to produce a unity school system where all children are crammed into faceless Stalinist concrete boxes to sink together.

What is required is for politicians to sit down quietly and come up with a structure that will succeed without engaging in 19th Century Class Warfare

Fat Chance!!

The curse of the education system has been the Blair/Brown determination to force most people to obtain a university degree, however worthless, and run up a large personal debt in the process. Its been made worse by Elf N’ Safety preventing children from taking any kind of risk, the politically correct for rewriting history, the human rights fundamentalists who believe that it is wrong to maintain any form of discipline in schools, the heterophobic who are determined to reassign gender, the pacifists who are determined to prevent children from using any kind of toy weapon, but don’t seem to mind them using real weapons on teachers, the marketing machine that persuades children to demand everything for nothing, the politicians who demonstrate total contempt for truth, honesty, self-control, humility, to name but a few of the ills.


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