Biden’s List of Lies

Joe Biden cannot stop lying. Look at this:

  1. Biden campaigned on no one would see a tax increase that is making under $400K? This was a lie for political gain.
  2. Biden said he would not ban fracking. This was a lie for political gain. 
  3. Biden said President Roosevelt’s proposal to pack the Supreme Court was a “bonehead idea.” In April, he created a commission to look into packing the court. This was a lie for political gain. 
  4. Biden advertised his infrastructure bill as a targeted plan to help rebuild America, yet less than 6% of this proposal goes to roads and bridges. This was a lie for political gain. 


Our question is this, Friend, at what point will he lie to the people of Wisconsin for political gain?

To make sure Republicans in Wisconsin can counter these lies, Ron Johnson NEEDS to reach his MAJOR End of May Deadline, and he needs YOUR help to do it.

RonJohnson Countdown

Our Wisconsin data shows that the Left is already organizing to help inflate Biden’s lies, so we MUST act fast. Time is running out to STOP THE LIES!

Thank you,
Wisconsin Data via Senate GOP