Big Shot “Never Trumper” to run against me?

Hey Friend,

This was originally posted on Twitter by big shot “Never Trumper” (and co-founder of the anti-Republican Lincoln Project) Steve Schmidt. It was while back, after Election Day.

For some reason or another, it’s gotten renewed attention in recent weeks.

This former Republican operative, who I guess now considers himself a Democrat, is toying with the idea of running against me in my 2022 re-election race!

Who knows how serious he is about running. He may just be going for social media likes and points with his pals in the liberal media – that’s the Lincoln Project’s stock in trade.

Either way, we know the Lincoln Project will be working alongside countless far-left groups to defeat me…

They CAN’T STAND unwavering constitutional conservatives!

Our work now, early in the cycle, is critical to our success on November 8, 2022.

Will you rush a $5, $10, $25, $50, or $100 contribution to sustain our efforts?

We have many critical legislative battles ahead of us, and you know the Democrats would LOVE to “flip” Utah to protect their new majority.

That means we are going to be extremely busy during the months ahead.

I’m grateful to know I can count on thousands of like-minded, liberty loving patriots – such as yourself – to stand alongside me!

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– Mike