Boehner’s Revenge


John Boehner, ex-Speaker forced out by the People

Establishment forces are doubling down to try to take out our friend Tim Huelskamp and he needs your help now. Tim is in the fight of his political life and we must do everything we can to prevent retired Speaker John Boehner from getting his revenge.

Will you call voters in Kansas’ 1st district and urge them to vote for Tim Huelskamp next Tuesday?

Tim refused to bow before the Washington special interests and their hand-picked GOP ‘leader,’ former Speaker Boehner, and he will continue to buck the establishment if we can help him get reelected.

Right now, establishment forces are doubling their spending in the final week to try to oust Tim from his seat. They are pushing his opponent as an outsider, but at the same time the establishment strategists are telling their donors “this is the ripest time for any donor who cares about sending a message to the House Freedom Caucus.” Say what? Members of the House Freedom Caucus ARE the outsiders!

We can’t let them get away with it. Please help us make calls to voters in Kansas’ 1st district to let them know that Tim is the true outsider and he’s the one who will continue to look out for the best interest of the American people.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin

PS. Text CROOKED to 388873 to help us expose Hillary’s lies in her speech at the DNC tomorrow.

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