Book Review – Spirit of Resistance, The Life of SOE Agent Harry Peuleve DSO MC



The full story of the SOE may never be told. There was a destruction of documents in the final days of war and some SOE agents were transferred to other intelligence organizations, whilst others were simply thrown out to make their own way in post-war Britain. This new book is based heavily on the unpublished memoirs of the subject and two years of painstaking research across Europe by the author. The result is a story that reads well and draws the reader into the world of SOE and survival in Occupied Europe. The story is remarkable, gripping, emotional, sad, inspiring with a tale that a fictional writer might kill for. This is so much more than a wartime history. It is the story of the triumph of the spirit with the depths and highs of a group of very brave individuals. There is a photo section of very rare photographs and an excellent set of Appendices to support the main text. Not a story to miss.

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