The prospects of a Brexit under World Trade Organisation rules may seem a little closer today, with the EU’s Chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, summarily dismissing Prime Minister Theresa May’s Chequers proposal. In a move which will delight those of us who believe our best days lie as far away from the EU’s orbit as possible, Barnier has got greedy and risks irreparably damaging the talks. The rubbish deal Mrs May managed to thrash out amongst her Cabinet colleagues just over a week ago has already been seen by most, as a compromise too far. With resignations from Brexit Secretary David Davis, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Brexit Minister Steve Baker and even more resignations – 9 in total – this just illustrates how unpalatable this latest negotiating position really is.

It was clear throughout Barnier’s EU Commission press conference today, he is hoping for even more concessions from the UK-side, without offering any proposals or conciliations of his own. Theresa May’s desperately convoluted attempt to create a ‘Customs Arrangement’ with the EU after Brexit was dismissed as “additional bureaucracy” which might not even be “legally feasible”.

Barnier also went on to condemn the idea the UK could continue to participate in the Single Market for goods, without also subjecting our services sector to destructive EU legislation. This belief is driven by a fear the UK would have a “significant competitive advantage” once free of burdensome European regulation on our services sector – an interesting admission for an EU representative to be making! He is clearly afraid once free of the stranglehold of the EU, we will cut our tariff rates, and perhaps even our VAT!

Fully aware time is running out, the Eurocrats in Brussels clearly hope they can spook the British negotiating team into stumping up more!

This is a situation deliberately concocted by the Brussels hierarchy, whose intransigence is a negotiating ploy our own team are simply incapable of countering. The sequencing of talks, the refusal to stump up any of their own ideas for the Irish border – while colluding with the Irish Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar – and the continued rebuttal of whatever our Prime Minister presents them with, are all techniques used to tilt the balance of power in their favour. Today Barnier stood at his podium and spoke with a snake-like, forked tongue: simultaneously praising Theresa May, whilst concurrently dismantling her proposal.

Indeed, it does not end there! Yesterday Barnier stood with the new Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab and stated they had supposedly held a “constructive conversation” on the future of the talks. This was despite a few hours earlier having released a document telling the EU27 how to prepare for ‘No Deal’. Not a bad way to start talks with the new Brexit Secretary. It seemed to me Barnier was clearly offering a double-edged sword with the sharpest end thrust towards both Theresa May and Dominic Raab.

Given the EU’s tact is unlikely to change, and any further attempts to water down Brexit by May would result in her downfall, it appears we are hitting a stalemate here. Time to walk away? Remember – No Deal, No Money!

Varadkar has got even more carried away in recent days, and has made a fool of himself. In a vindictive attack on the UK, he declared British commercial airlines would no longer be permitted to fly over Ireland in the event of a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit! Quite rightly this prompted a scathing response from Jacob Rees-Mogg, who branded the Taoiseach an “airhead”. This is a wonderfully accurate description, given Irish airspace is policed by the British RAF – not Ireland! Not only this, but Ireland is literally surrounded by British airspace, meaning, if the UK were to retaliate, the only destinations which would be available for Irish tourists and businessmen would be various airports on the west coast of Portugal, Spain and  Lanzarotte! Ryan Air’s Michael O’Leary and Aer Lingus’s Stephen Kavanagh, definitely won’t be happy about this. And, perhaps Varadkar needs to think about leasing a boat to paddle him over to Brussels in the future…

Back in the UK, Europhile Civil Servant Olly Robbins – irrationally continues to control the Brexit process. His most recent endeavour has seen him steal 50 Civil Servants from the Department for Exiting the European Union, and deploying them in his own department – which he has purloined as part of Theresa May’s Cabinet office. On top of this, he has recently been treated to a £20,000 ‘performance’ related bonus – we’re not quite sure who in their right mind could consider the current pig’s ear of negotiations we found ourselves in as a job well done…

Get Britain Out’s letter to Theresa May received a staggering response, with the endorsement of tens of thousands of you engaging with it and showing your support. Signatures are still flooding in and thank you all. It is clear Brexiteers will not simply bend over and allow the Prime Minister’s lack of belief in this country to undermine a once in a generation opportunity!

We delivered the letter to No 10 at 6.30 yesterday morning. They have just replied, acknowledging receipt of the letter. Strangely, the Correspondence Officer, Direct Communications Unit cannot spell my name correctly (it’s only got four letters), and the date of our letter is incorrect. See for yourself here. Can we expect the complicated negotiating documents we send over to Brussels to be correct – perhaps this is why there is so much confusion in the negotiations!

The extent of the disarray over the negotiations so far was encapsulated in the House of Commons on Wednesday, when Boris Johnson, in his ‘resignation speech’, condemned the Government’s plans as a “miserable, permanent limbo” and called for greater belief “in this country and what it can do”. Get Britain Out couldn’t agree more. The only pity is that this kind of optimistic vision has been absent from Theresa May’s Brexit approach since Day One. Surely it’s now time for a strong Brexiteer to take over the reins! *cough* Boris! *cough*


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Published on Get Britain Out’s website is a copy of the letter we sent to the Cabinet prior to their meeting at Chequers – informing them that we would not accept a Brexit sell-out. (READ: The Letter We Sent Today to all Cabinet Ministers in Advance of the Chequers Meeting)

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That’s it for this edition of our e-Bulletin this time – and a huge thank you, as always, for your support.

Get Britain Out will keep on fighting for the Best Brexit for the United Kingdom, so we can take back control of our laws, borders, trade and and our money. There is less than a year to Brexit Day!

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